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Wilson Lake

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Wilson Lake, Kansas

Located along the Saline River in central Kansas, Wilson Lake is without a doubt a leading candidate in the beauty pageant for lakes. It is defined by its clear blue waters and rugged shoreline of Read more...

Located along the Saline River in central Kansas, Wilson Lake is without a doubt a leading candidate in the beauty pageant for lakes. It is defined by its clear blue waters and rugged shoreline of scenic cliffs and rocky outcrops.

The excellent striper and white bass fishing are a main draw for anglers, and shutterbugs will appreciate the chance to photograph deer, pheasant, waterfowl, songbirds, and furbearers. Avid hikers should for sure try the Dakota Trail for primo views of both the lake and native Kansas Prairie. The 25-mile long Switchgrass Bike Trail is a fave among mountain bikers, and Cedar Trail is a more relaxed hiking loop if you’d prefer to not be sweatin’ to the oldies.

Minooka Park Campground
Set on the south end of Wilson Lake, Minooka Park Campground is named for the Otoe Native American...
Public campground
Lucas Park Campground
Located at the north end of Wilson Lake, Lucas Park Campground is a delight for anglers. Beyond that...
Public campground
Sylvan Park
Get on over to Sylvan Park Campground and get yourself on a boat! Located just below the dam at Wilson...
Public campground
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Little Bluestern Campground can be found in a sweet spot, spread out over new-and-improved campsites,...
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Wheatgrass Campground
The Wheatgrass Campground is a healthy little pocket of spacious campsites right on the shores of...
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Side Oats Campground
For boaters in need of a big boat ramp, and a big space to go with it, Side Oats Campground will hook...
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Foxtail Campground
On the northernmost part of the Hell Creek Area, along the Wilson Reservoir, you’ll find Foxtail...
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Grama Campground
Wilson Reservoir is overflowing with clean, private, quiet campsites, and Grama Campground is takin’...
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Buffalo Grass Campground
Buffalograss Campground is a cool spot for scenic picnicking and primitive camping. The Hell Creek...
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Switchgrass Campground
Pedal hard, mountain bikers. The 28-mile Switchgrass Bike Trail will get your heart pumpin’ and your...
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Big Bluestem Campground
If Wilson State Park is the outdoorsy haven of Kansas, then Big Bluestern Campground is the rest-stop...
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Lovegrass Campground
Wilson State Park has a boatload of camping spots that will satisfy anyone’s craving for getting...
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Sunflower Campground
Sunflower Campground is on the northeast side of Wilson Lake, in the smaller and less crowded Otoe...
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Indian Grass Campground
Primitive camping and scenic picnicking, a. k. a. the cool features of Indiangrass Campground in...
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Dropseed Campground
Dropseed Campground is a neat spot for boaters, explorers, and mountain bikers. Located amongst the...
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Sagewort Campground
On a quiet little inlet of Wilson Reservoir, you’ll come to know Sagewort Campground as a primitive...
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Goldenrod Campground
Goldenrod Campground offers up reservable sites, water and electric hookups, and easy access to the...
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Coneflower Campground
In terms of camping in the Otoe Area of Wilson State Park, Coneflower Campground is a sweet and...
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Rockin' K Horse Campground
Rockin’ K Horse Campground really is just that—vibration under heavy-set hoofprints. Located on the...
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Eagle Point Campground
Located just a stray hay from Split Boulder Trail, Eagle Point Campground offers the equestrian an...
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