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Kanopolis Lake

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Kanopolis Lake
Kanopolis Lake

Kanopolis Lake, Kansas

Part of a system of lakes, Kanopolis Lake tag teams with Cedar Bluff Reservoir to regulate water flow in the Smoky Hill River Basin. A portion of the lake storage is set aside for the Post Rock Read more...

Part of a system of lakes, Kanopolis Lake tag teams with Cedar Bluff Reservoir to regulate water flow in the Smoky Hill River Basin. A portion of the lake storage is set aside for the Post Rock Rural Water District, which quenches the thirst of many local farms and communities.

Along the shoreline you'll find four recreational facilities: Kanopolis State Park, Venango Public Use Area, Yanke Run Point Public Use Area and Boldt Bluff Public Use Area. The park features a vast 22,000 acres of rolling hills, bluffs, woods, a lake and nearly a marathon’s length of trails for recreational purposes.

Venango Park Campground
Posted up on the northwest end of the dam, Venango Campground has a shady tree-lined shoreline with...
Public campground
Riverside Campground
Hanging out on the southeast end of the dam along the Smoky Hill River, Riverside Campground is a...
Public campground
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Yucca Campground
Dani: It
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Cottonwood Campground
Sam: Stopped here when I was too tired to continue driving. It was dark when I arrived and dark when I left...
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Sumac Campground
Sumac Campground is a little loop right in the heart of Kanopolis State Park. With a nearby...
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Dropseed Campground
Dropseed Campground is a neat spot for boaters, explorers, and mountain bikers. Located amongst the...
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Coneflower Campground
In terms of camping in the Otoe Area of Wilson State Park, Coneflower Campground is a sweet and...
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Indian Grass Campground
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Sagewort Campground
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Goldenrod Campground
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Sunflower Campground
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