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Council Grove Lake
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Water and Woods Retreat!
Vickie: Pitch your tent up by the pond or down in the valley tucked in among the tree swing and the tall oaks....
Direct book $30/night
The Barn
The Barn
100% – 6 Responses
Mack: Absolutely loved our experience! The others in the community of The Light Center were a pure joy to in...
Request book $30/night
Walnut Groove Campground
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The Yurt
The Yurt
100% – 5 Responses
Ferrell: We had a wonderful time staying here. Robin was a great host and made sure that we felt welcome and h...
Request book $45/night
Curtis Creek Park
Curtis Creek Park
100% – 1 Response
Curtis Creek Park offers some epic lakeside camping on a peninsula! That’s right, campsites offer...
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The Walk In Campground
Hope: So glad I decided to stay here! This was a magical place to visit. Robin was a wonderful host and has ...
Request book $20/night
Hillsboro Cove Campground
Sam: Actually stayed at the Marion County Lake but it wasn’t listed. It’s a nice quiet lake with residentia...
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Sunset Ridge Campground
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The Campground
The Campground
100% – 1 Response
Emily: Robin was super kind enough to let us sleep in the barn the night we stayed since it had poured recent...
Request book $20/night
Farnum Creek Campground
Farnum Creek Campground is located amidst the slpishy, splashy fun of Milford Lake. Quaint campsites...
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Enchanted Country
Leah: Come pitch a tent in the wide open spaces of Kansas. Enjoy the quiet of the country, and amenities in...
Request book $75/night
West Rolling Hills Campground
Looking to beat the summer heat at the sparkling Milford Lake? We suggest you setup camp at West...
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Prairie View Campground
There are tons of opportunities to be one (or one-thousand) with nature at Prairie View Campground in...
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Eagle Ridge Campground
This 19,000 acre wildlife area has a place for your sleeping bag at Eagle Ridge Campground on the...
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Cedar Point Campground
Cedar point is more than just a place to pitch a tent for road trippers traveling along I-70. Just 10...
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Hickory Hollow Campground
The skies are big open and blue and so are the waters. The multipurpose outdoor wonderland that is...
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Big Bear Campground
Sara: It's ok. Nothing spectacular. Kids have fun fishing. Get your fishing permit!!!
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Private Room in The Barn
Robin: The barn is a refurbished horse barn and has just 2 private rooms available. We are a sacred space in...
Request book $60/night