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Sawtooth National Forest

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Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

The Sawtooth National Forest gives the gem of Idaho its sparkle! The Forest comprises more than 2.1 million acres of meandering rivers, commanding mountain ranges, and endless skies. Adventurers can Read more...
The Sawtooth National Forest gives the gem of Idaho its sparkle! The Forest comprises more than 2.1 million acres of meandering rivers, commanding mountain ranges, and endless skies. Adventurers can take a trek out into the Sawtooth Wilderness or forge a raft down the Salmon, Boise, or Payette Rivers. Sawtooth country can appear otherworldly: the sun rises and sets through dramatic granite peaks, alpine lakes are filled with rare amphibians and tasty trout, and the skies can be lit up by the Northern Lights. Time to fill up the Subaru, boys and girls, pack your tents, a barrel of whiskey, and head out into this secret landlocked wonderland!
Stanley Lake Inlet Campground
Michelle: This campground was amazing! We had to reserve months in advance. Each site has its own little path to...
Public campground
Glacier View Campground

Glacier View Campground

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Anka: This campground is one of the most beautiful campgrounds you'll find; well maintained, clean, spacious...
Public campground
Stanley Lake Campground

Stanley Lake Campground

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Stanley Lake Campground sits on a hillside over Stanley Lake, at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains....
Public campground
Chinook Bay Campground
Chinook Bay Campground is a small campground on the banks of Little Redfish Lake in a lodgepole pine...
Public campground
Mountain View Campground
Mountain View Campground is partially shaded and sits on the banks of Little Redfish Lake. Boating and...
Public campground
Outlet Campground
No filter necessary here – the scenery at Outlet Campground is stunning. Pitch your tent near the...
Public campground
Mt. Heyburn Campground
Sparkling cool waters, scenic mountain views, and rugged wilderness? Sign us up! Mt. Heyburn...
Public campground
Sockeye Campground
Bring the kids along to Sockeye Campground. There are three playgrounds here, and interpretive...
Public campground
Point Campground
Anna: Lovely little campground with many amenities close to Redfish Lake Lodge. Each campsite has a dedicate...
Public campground
Murdock Campground
Just you, your tent, and a couple of moose. This small, quiet campground is partially shaded by a...
Public campground
North Fork Campground
North Fork Campground is shaded by a forest of aspen along the river banks. Big Wood River is, well,...
Public campground
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Cottonwood Recreation Site Campground
The name says it all… camp in a lush cottonwood grove and get some much needed peace and quiet at...
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Bonanza Group Campground
David: Cellular service is non-existant in this area, however that should not be a deterrent to visiting this...
Public campground
Joe T. Fallini Campground
RVer's, rejoice! Joseph T. Falini Campground is the only area in Challis that offers full RV hookups...
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Solar Eclipse & Music Event
Talia: A great experience!
Direct book$110/night
Lake Cascade Campground

Lake Cascade Campground

90% Recommend – 5 Responses
Kate: Fun family campground. Great swimming area.
Public campground
Idaho Falls Camping

Idaho Falls Camping

92% Recommend – 12 Responses
Viviana: I couldn't be happier with our stay! They were friendly, well organized and gracious host. I would re...
Direct book$75/night
Ponderosa Campground
Ponderosa Campground is kept fresh by the beguiling Payette Lake, which touts terrific fishing 'n'...
Public campground
Jacob's Ladder
Barry: Nice place to stay the night while exploring Idaho. Nearby Niagara Springs and other Thousand Springs ...
Direct book$10/night
Hardy RV Hideaway
Jordan: Hook up your RV and enjoy! Located a few minutes from downtown Ennis, and an hour outside of...
Direct book$28/night
Cold Springs Campground
If you’re planning to find yourself in the Lost Valley Reservoir, you should check out the Cold...
Public campground
Three Island Crossing Campground
Rod: Grass, mature trees, history, lots of space, trail to the winery, and More. This place is a nice stop...
Public campground
Lake Walcott Campground
From great horned owls, red tail and Swainson hawks, and bald eagles to geese, turkey, and ducks—Lake...
Public campground
Bruneau Dunes Campground
Violet : Mosquitoes and really busy.
Public campground
Riverside Park Campground
Riverside Park Campground sits on the banks of the South Fork of the Snake River, partially shaded by...
Public campground
Box Canyon Campground
Laid out on the canyon rim above Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Box Canyon Campground is shaded by...
Public campground
Henrys Lake Campground
Boat launches, fishing piers, fish cleaning stations—we'll take it! Located just a stone's skip away...
Public campground
Flatrock Campground
Craving some shade? Make the trek to Flatrock and set up camp under the these trees. When you’re ready...
Public campground
Massacre Rocks Campground
Open to the public from the mid-1900s, Massacre Rocks Campground is a geological gem stone. With its...
Public campground
Grandview Campground
Voted one of eight “Perfect Campgrounds for Secret Spot Hunters” by Sunset Magazine, Grandview...
Public campground
Big Springs Group Area
Planning your next big group outdoor adventure? Read on! The Big Springs Campground Group Site, open...
Public campground