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Cascade Reservoir
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The best camping near Cascade Reservoir, Idaho.

Tiny Cabin for 2!
Blake: We loved staying in this cozy cabin! Having the river so close was a nice perk, and we were able to dr...
Request book$85/night
Lake Cascade Campground

Lake Cascade Campground

90% Recommend – 5 Responses
Kate: Fun family campground. Great swimming area.
Public campground
French Creek Campground

French Creek Campground

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Named for a bubbling brook on the grounds, Boise National Forest’s French Creek Campground is perfect...
Public campground
Bugaboo Bungalow
Ben: Come stay and play at our 30 foot yurt nestled in the West Mountains of Idaho.    Just minutes from...
Request book$115/night
Ponderosa Campground
Ponderosa Campground is kept fresh by the beguiling Payette Lake, which touts terrific fishing 'n'...
Public campground
Amanita Campground
After a hike up No Business Mountain, you can cool off in the sprawling beauty of Lake Cascade at...
Public campground
Penny Springs Campground
With just a handful of sites, Penny Springs Campground is perfect for a remote camping experience....
Public campground
Picnic Point Campground
On a bluff overlooking the stunning Warm Lake, Picnic Point Campground is one of Boise National...
Public campground
Rainbow Point Campground
One of the only campgrounds in the area with a boat ramp, you can expect Rainbow Point Campground at...
Public campground
Shoreline Campground and Group sites
For a more all-inclusive, less-rustic experience in Boise National Forest, check out Shoreline...
Public campground
South Fork Salmon River Campground
If you’ve got your fishing tackle ready, head to The South Fork Salmon River for some of the best...
Public campground
Summit Lake Campground
The small but beautiful Summit Lake offers a secluded and un-crowded camping retreat. Resting in a...
Public campground
Trout Creek Campground
With just a few well-dispersed campsites in a remote wilderness, down a winding, narrow road, this is...
Public campground
Warm Lake Campground
The water may be tepid, but you’ll be totally stoked on Warm Lake! Located at 5,300 feet, this small...
Public campground
Antelope Campground & Annex Group sites
Perched on the shores of the picturesque Sage Hen Reservoir, Antelope Campground and its annex group...
Public campground
Big Eddy Campground
Situated in a scenic canyon just above the highway, Big Eddy Campground is right next the North Fork...
Public campground
Boiling Springs Campground
Are you longing to dip your toes in some hot springs? So are we! Boiling Springs Campground is nestled...
Public campground
Canyon Creek Campground
Because it’s located right off the highway, we’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t the quietest...
Public campground
Cartwright Ridge Campground
Located on the shores of the Sage Hen Reservoir, Cartridge Ridge Campground sits below a canopy of...
Public campground
Eastside Group ONLY Campground
Eastside, Westside. . . who cares! At this campground everyone’s amigos! Eastside Campground is the...
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