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Burley Field Office
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Country Camping Close to Town
Linda: 3 miles from Shoshone Falls perfect for hiking and swimming. Open space in camping area.
Direct book $40/night
Twin Lakes Campground
Twin Lakes Campground is nestled high in the woods in an area that is lush, scenic, and absolutely...
First come, first serve
Jacob's Ladder
Barry: Nice place to stay the night while exploring Idaho. Nearby Niagara Springs and other Thousand Springs ...
Direct book $10/night
City of Rocks Campground
Rose: One of the most gorgeous places I have ever camped, and that was when I was only 11 years old. Huge si...
Book externally
HUGE 1.69 Acres – Twin Falls ,
Casey: On the Canal need to get to by boat only4 Miles to Salmon Falls Creek6 Miles from Filer7 Miles to...
Direct book $10/night
Deluxe Tipi Living
Haley: This was such an amazing trip! Sherry and Larry are the kindest people who are so passionate about the...
Direct book $100/night
Jody: Come view the Eclipse on the beautiful American Falls Reservoir which is one of Idaho's largest bodies...
Direct book $145/night
Lake Walcott Campground
From great horned owls, red tail and Swainson hawks, and bald eagles to geese, turkey, and ducks—Lake...
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Lake Cleveland East Campground
Summertime and the livin’ is easy, especially around the East Side of Lake Cleveland Campground! This...
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Bennett Springs Campground
Nestled in the Albion Mountains, Bennett Springs Campground is known for it’s trickling waters,...
First come, first serve
Independence Lakes Campground
Drive on up to Independence Lakes Campground, the only accessible alpine lake in southern Idaho! While...
First come, first serve
Lake Cleveland Campground
Nathan: Very quiet campground, off the beaten path and quite high up there. We loved our night there and campe...
First come, first serve
Thompson Flat Campground
Want to be surrounded by wildflowers? Then go “vrooom” up the Albion Mountain Range until you hit...
First come, first serve
Snake River BUHL , IDAHO
Casey: great small spot to park and tent camp in Idaho near everything. Fence maybe in the way but can park...
Request book $10/night
Schipper Campground
Schipper Campground isn’t as analogous to it’s surrounding untouched wilderness as it might seem—it’s...
First come, first serve
Castle Rocks Campground
Blair: Walk in quite a ways, bit dry, facilities poor. Not much else up here.
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Massacre Rocks Campground
Open to the public from the mid-1900s, Massacre Rocks Campground is a geological gem stone. With its...
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Third Fork Campground
Dotted with just a few primitive campsites, Third Fork Campground is sure to please any outdoorsman...
First come, first serve
Bostetter Campground
For hikers and backpackers, modestly-sized and accessible Bostetter Campground won’t disappoint: 9....
First come, first serve
Father and Sons Campground
A destination for outdoor summer recreation, Father and Sons Campground is a great place for families...
First come, first serve