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Boise National Forest
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Tiny Cabin for 2!
Blake: We loved staying in this cozy cabin! Having the river so close was a nice perk, and we were able to dr...
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Cabin 1 Pineview
Ray: Mores Creek Cabins-Surrounded by Boise national forest on three sides, this wilderness cabin retreat...
Request book $65/night
Prospector Yurt Mountain Overlook
Don : Phenomenal.
Request book $99/night
Cabin 2 Fir
Ray: Mores Creek Cabins-Cabin 2 Fir is a timber framed, cord wood masonry cabin designed to sleep up to...
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Stanley Lake Inlet Campground
Michelle: This campground was amazing! We had to reserve months in advance. Each site has its own little path to...
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Stanley Lake Campground
Stanley Lake Campground sits on a hillside over Stanley Lake, at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains....
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Bugaboo Bungalow
Ben: Come stay and play at our 30 foot yurt nestled in the West Mountains of Idaho.    Just minutes from...
Request book $115/night
Bench Creek Campground
Rustic camping? Forest adventuring? How about some great fishing? If this sounds like your kind of...
First come, first serve
Grandjean Campground
Grandjean Campground sits in a forest of ponderosa pine along Trail Creek. If you’re into hiking, take...
First come, first serve
Glacier View Campground
Anka: This campground is one of the most beautiful campgrounds you'll find; well maintained, clean, spacious...
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Redfish Cabin
How does staying in a historical, quaint cabin sound? Yep, make Redfish Cabin your own little cozy...
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Banner Creek Campground
It’s really the simple things in life, big, tall trees, a fresh breeze, and starry skies. Get back to...
First come, first serve
Lake View Campground
Lake View Campground sits in a forest of lodgepole pine next to scenic Stanley Lake. The lake is great...
First come, first serve
Thatcher Campground
Feelin' some rustic camping? Thatcher Campground in Salmon-Challis National Forest just might do the...
First come, first serve
Trap Creek Campground
Trap Creek Campground sits in a valley at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountain Range. The campground is...
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Lola Creek Campground
Itching to get back to nature? Find refuge at Lola Creek Campground, home to tall trees, starry...
First come, first serve
Iron Creek Campground
Iron Creek Campground sits in a forest of lodgepole pine, providing ample shade for campers along Iron...
First come, first serve
Cape Horn Winter Rental Cabin
Sitting pretty at over a mile high, Cape Horn Winter Rental is your cabin in the clouds. Equipped with...
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Sheep Trail Campground
Sheep Trail Campground sits in a scenic valley at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountain Range. The...
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Elk Creek Campground
Elk Creek Campground sits in a valley at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Lodgepole pines...
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