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Blackfoot Reservoir
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The best camping near Blackfoot Reservoir, Idaho.

Retro camping
Cameron: Lava campground which is nestled on a 60 acre farm with the portnuef river and fish creek windinding...
Direct book$75/night
Big Springs Campground
If you’re looking for a landing pad for your next outdoor party, Big Springs Campground is where it’s...
Public campground
Eightmile Guard Station
Picture this, a cabin in a meadow full of wildflowers, moose, elk ,and deer, surrounded by towering...
Public campground
Caribou Mountain Guard Station
Make like “Caribou Jack” and trek it to the Caribou Mountain Guard Station. Nowadays we have a few...
Public campground
Johnson Guard Station
James J. Johnson served as ranger of the Georgetown Ranger District from 1907-1913, and did something...
Public campground
Stump Creek Guard Station
Whether you preferred to “caulk the wagon and float” or “ford the river,” you’ll love camping at Stump...
Public campground
Pebble Guard Station
Pebble Creek Guard Station sits at the base of Bonneville Peak, enjoying some sweet mountain scenery...
Public campground
Cold Springs Campground
Located on Eightmile Creek, Cold Springs Campground is a humble abode that puts you in a prime spot...
Public campground
Emigration Campground
For quiet forest camping right in the heart of Caribou National Forest, check out Emigration...
Public campground
Summit View Campground
Pack your bonnet and apron, it's time to go-a huckleberry pickin'. With fishing and hunting on the...
Public campground
Gravel Creek Campground
Gravel Creek Campground is a small, quiet spot for camping surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. in...
Public campground
Calamity Campground
Calamity Campground sounds like it could be crazy and chaotic, but you've truly got your choice...
Public campground
Mill Canyon Campground
Mill Canyon Campground is a small, remote campground ideal for campers looking for a few days of...
Public campground
Pine Bar Campground
Meet me at the bar… Pine Bar! You’ll have to BYOB to this small, quiet campground in the...
Public campground
Tincup Campground
Tincup Campground is a small, remote campground in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Anglers will...
Public campground
McCoy Creek Campground
McCoy Creek Campground is great for boaters and anglers looking for a weekend getaway! Or, heck, stay...
Public campground
Diamond Creek Guard Station
Drive your car or snowmobile to the Diamond Creek Guard Station, a little house on the prairie that...
Public campground
Blackfoot Reservoir Campground
Blackfoot Reservoir Campground is a fishing paradise, with thriving populations of rainbow and...
Public campground