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American Falls Reservoir
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The best camping near American Falls Reservoir, Idaho.

Jody: Come view the Eclipse on the beautiful American Falls Reservoir which is one of Idaho's largest bodies...
Direct book$145/night
Massacre Rocks Campground
Open to the public from the mid-1900s, Massacre Rocks Campground is a geological gem stone. With its...
Public campground
Snake River Vista Recreation Site Campground
Latch up the boat because it’s time for a weekend away at Snake River Vista Recreation Site Campground...
Public campground
Mink Creek Group Campground
Bring the whole gang to Mink Creek Group Campground for a quick dip of wilderness right off Bannock...
Public campground
Scout Mountain Campground
S: Very nice campground! Some sites are very private. Overlooks, nature trails and trail heads all near b...
Public campground
Blackfoot River Campgrounds
Right alongside Idaho’s Blackfoot River, you’ll find five different campgrounds that dot the...
Public campground
Goodenough Creek Campground
Goodenough Creek Campground is good enough for us! With lots of opportunities for hiking, horseback...
Public campground
Pipeline Recreation Site
Make a beeline for the Pipeline Recreation Site where you’ll find a few cool, shady campsites along...
Public campground
Sublett Campground
Sublett Campground can be rented-out to a capacity-capping forty people. Nestled alongside the...
Public campground