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Lake Sinclair
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The best camping near Lake Sinclair, Georgia.

Down on the range
Nancy: We aren't a farm and aren't really a Ranch so we must be a FaRanch! As life started getting more...
Direct book$20/night
Mockingbird Hill Farm
Martha: Pitch your tent here at the far end of a small field, close enough for a two minute walk to the...
Direct book$30/night
Kudzu Paradise
Heather: We were here in November and it was beautiful. The creek is at the bottom of a long wooded slope. We ...
Direct book$10/night
Willow Bay Farm
Jeff: Pitch your tent and enjoy the wide open space at Willow Bay Farm.   We have space in our open...
Direct book$40/night
Bear Creek Haven
Barbara: We live on 20 acres with the river surrounding us.   Wildlife is abundant. Turkey, deer, and you can...
Request book$30/night
Tallulah Gorge State Park Campground
Courtney: Nothing ever dries here, have a backup of backup clothes! If you are planning on going to the gorge fl...
Public campground
Bennett Cove
Ted: Pitch your tent on this rustic 35 acre lakefront property. Its private and gated.   Or you can access...
Request book$600/night
White Oak Farm
Casey: Pitch your tent and relax around the fire while you enjoy the fresh air and privacy of the woods. Our...
Request book$65/night
Historic Home
Wayne: The Jewell House is an 1895 Victorian home with a large front porch and picturesque 'village green"...
Direct book$250/night
Hard Labor Creek State Park Campground
Peggy: Little to no wifi or Verizon cell coverage
Public campground
Indian Springs State Park Campground
Campsites and cabins are available at the Indian Springs State Park Campground, in one of the oldest...
Public campground
Lake Sinclair Recreation Area
Cammy: Sweet, decently-kept car camping site. There are sites with and without hookups available (sites witho...
Public campground
Oconee River Campground
Dotted by just five primitive campsites, Oconee River Campground is nestled alongside the area’s...
Public campground
A.H. Stephens State Park Campground
After days of cruising through historic civil war artifacts, trotting down the trails on your horse,...
Public campground
Watson Mill Bridge State Park Campground
Sybil: We camphosted here for 6 months! Bike trails, hiking trails, equestrian trails, cabins, equestrian cam...
Public campground