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White River National Forest

White River National Forest, Colorado

Come spend some quality get to know ya time in the warm heart of the Rocky Mountains! Home to world-renowned ski resorts, many of the infamous “fourteeners,” and hundreds of miles of trails, White Read more...

Come spend some quality get to know ya time in the warm heart of the Rocky Mountains! Home to world-renowned ski resorts, many of the infamous “fourteeners,” and hundreds of miles of trails, White River National Forest proves a mecca time and time again for any warm blooded outdoor enthusiast. The most visited national forest in the nation for good reason, White River spans over 2.3 million acres of adventure possibilities and land conservation. Once you’ve picked your jaw off the floor, let your creativity flow on any of the 12 ski resorts (we would list them out, but, 12) or eight designated wilderness areas. The forest itself has many developed camping facilities well suited to lone wolves or larger groups. And let us tell ya, the purity of the air and water will leave you totally refreshed and ready for the next big thing.

Difficult Campground
Kris: My wife and I stayed here in early-June, 2015. I'll have to admit, I was skeptical of staying in a cam...
Public campground
Prospector Campground
Marisa: This site isn't heavily forested, and the trees that are there are young. That means noise can travel ...
Public campground
Maroon Bells Amphitheatre
Caitlin: You can stay overnight in the parking lot at Maroon Bells for free, just leave no trace.
Public campground
Gore Creek Campground
Jennifer: Water not available bring your own. Great walkable trails from the campsite.
Public campground
Heaton Bay Campground
Scott: Heaton Bay made my first Colorado camping experience as good as it gets! Super simple and based on hon...
Public campground
Little Mattie Campground
16 miles east of Basalt on the Ruedi Reservoir, Little Mattie Campground is a scenic spot with...
Public campground
Mollie B Campground
Bring out the boat for sunny times at Ruedi Reservoir or try your hand at fishing in the renowned...
Public campground
Dearhamer Campground
Not only will you find some of the best fishing (Gold Medal Waters!) at Dearhamer Campground, but...
Public campground
Yeoman Park Campground
Hoisted 9,000 feet skyward above sea level, Yeoman Park Campground is located on the edge of a wetland...
Public campground
Fulford Cave Campground
Amongst sparse young aspen, spruce and fir trees sits Fulford Cave Campground. From over 9,500 feet of...
Public campground
Elk Wallow Campground
Elk Wallow Campground is best suited for campers looking for quiet getaways, but there’s certainly no...
Public campground
Chapman Campground
Melissa: Great spot to camp for a night or two. It fills up around the holidays so try to book early if you can...
Public campground
Gold Park Campground
A well-hidden gem within White Lake National Park, Gold Park Campground is shimmering with wildlife....
Public campground
Silver Bar Campground
Postcard-perfect, the Silver Bar Campground is just down the road from the Snowmass-Maroon Bells...
Public campground
Halfmoon Campground
Ryan: Located at the Half Moon (Tigiwon) Trailhead, this campsite is perfect for hiking Mount of the Holy Cr...
Public campground
Silver Bell Campground
Fun fact: Aspens in a grove all share the same roots–they’re all one tree! Explore this natural...
Public campground
Silver Queen Campground
Jason: Great campground for easy access to Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness trails. There's not a lot of site...
Public campground
Weller Campground
Of all the campgrounds to stay near Aspen, Weller Campground is clutch for climbers. Butting up to a...
Public campground
Lincoln Gulch Campground
Literally camp on the side of a mountain at Lincoln Gulch Campground. Just a stop off of Independence...
Public campground
Hornsilver Campground
Come on down to Hornsilver Campground, where the creek runs cold and the campfire burns hot. Fish for...
Public campground
Lost Man Campground
Two miles east of an old mining-turned-ghost town, Lost Man Campground is sheltered by tall lodgepole...
Public campground
Avalanche Campground
Avalanche Campground is a prime destination for enjoying the intense natural beauty of White River...
Public campground
Piney Guard Station
A stay at Piney Guard Station instantly transports guests to 1930s Colorado, when this postcard-worthy...
Public campground
Coffee Pot Spring Campground
What better spot to bring that French press of yours to impress the ladies or gents with? Coffee Pot...
Public campground
Camp Hale Memorial Campground
Get in touch with nature and pay respect to our troops at Camp Hale Memorial Campground. Used as a...
Public campground
Portal Campground
Rev’ up the engines the terrain here is EPIC. At an elevation of 9,400 feet, Portal Campground is the...
Public campground
Redstone Campground
Enjoy divine, can’t-miss views of White River National Forest and the Rockies from your own private...
Public campground
Camp Hale East Fork Group Campground
Round up the crew for a weekend away in the great outdoors. At Camp Hale East Fork Group Campground,...
Public campground
Sweetwater Lake Campground
Sweetwater Campground will hit just the spot any time of year. Located right on the 72 acre lake, you...
Public campground
Bogan Flats Campground
For its enviable location right on the Crystal River, Bogan Flats Campground is a favorite among...
Public campground
White Owl Campground
Take in the beauty of White Owl Lake from right outside your tent when you crash here. This is the...
Public campground
Deep Lake Campground
Wake up next to the majestic beauty of Deep Lake and the smell of the fragrant spruce and fir forest...
Public campground
Cataract Creek Campground
Talk about teeny tiny! Cataract Creek Campground only has five sites, so even if the campground is...
Public campground
Elliott Creek Campground
At over 8,000 feet elevation on the west end of the Green Mountain Reservoir, Elliott Creek Campground...
Public campground
Peak One Campground
Caitlin: Amazing sunrise views of Peak One and well kept grounds with private pathways to the beach.
Public campground
Pine Cove Campground
Why stay in an expensive resort town when you can set up at Pine Cove Campground and have better views...
Public campground
Willows Campground
Right off Highway 9 on the north end of the Green Mountain Reservoir is Willows Campground. It has...
Public campground
Cow Creek South Campground
This place is some kinda wonderful. Scattered along the Green Mountain Reservoir, Crow Creek...
Public campground
Blue River Campground
Just off the river on Highway 9, Blue River Campground offers river (you betcha) and stream fishing...
Public campground
Cow Creek North Campground
At nearly 9,000 feet elevation on the northeast shore of Green Mountain Reservoir, Cow Creek...
Public campground
Prairie Point Campground
North of Silverthorne on the east side of the Green Mountain Reservoir, Prairie Point Campground...
Public campground
McDonald Flats Campground
McDonald Flats Campground. Be sure to bring your hiking boots and Sperry top siders because you’ll...
Public campground
Windy Point
Gather up to 200 of your best friends for a trip to Windy Point Group Campground. Overlooking Dillon...
Public campground
Lowry Campground
John Denver knew what he was talking about when he sang “Rocky Mountain High. ” Actually he probably...
Public campground
Trappers Lake / Cutthroat Campground
With a name like Cutthroat Campground, you know what you’re coming here for! Some of the best damn...
Public campground
Trappers Lake / Trapline Campground
Coming to the mountains to hike, fish and play is SO much easier when you have a campsite you can be...
Public campground
Trappers Lake / Bucks Campground
Bucks Campground at Trapper Lake offers you a pretty place to rest your head and offers the lake at...
Public campground
Trappers Lake / Horse Thief Campground
Horse Thief Campground is a quiet and private campground complete with corrals for your trusty...
Public campground
Trappers Lake / Shepherds Rim Campground
In true ColoRADo fashion, Shepard’s Rim Campground offers up the very best of the outdoors on a silver...
Public campground
Meadow Ridge Campground
Right against Meadow Lake, Meadow Ridge Campground offers convenient sites with pull-out, pull-in and...
Public campground
Meadow Lake Campground
Cory: Yes many times very peaceful,beautiful landscape great place to work on wilderness survival education ...
Public campground
Himes Peak Campground
Where our hunters at? Himes Peak Campground is the lottery of elk hunting. Nearby streams also provide...
Public campground
South Fork Campground
Spend a weekend getting grizzly at South Fork Campground! Leave the deodorant at home, forgo the...
Public campground
Marvine Campground
Marvine Campground is your gateway to the Flat Top Wilderness! And if you’ve got a fleet of horses to...
Public campground
East Marvine Campground
Cattle graze freely at East Marvine Campground but you don’t dare to go cow tippin’ in these parts. A...
Public campground
North Fork Campground
Want to sleep at the center of the Colorado Rockies' most epic adventures? Ramble on over to North...
Public campground
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Modern Alpine Cabin-Aspen/Vail
Maegen: Wow - what an adventure! Absolutely loved our stay at the cabin. My friend and I (and two dogs) backpa...
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Historic Ranch at Mt. Princeton
Selena: My husband and I and our 4 year old son and dog stayed on Monika's ranch over 4th of July, for 4 days ...
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Holy Cross Refugio Campsite
Jonathan: I had a great time staying at HCR. Ben was very thorough in his information and was great with communi...
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Peak-to-peak pit stop

Peak-to-peak pit stop

98% Recommend – 24 Responses
Stevi: This was such a beautiful little spot to camp. Its a short little hike from where you park along a lit...
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Glacier Mountain Camp

Glacier Mountain Camp

83% Recommend – 3 Responses
Maegen: Wow, what an amazing piece of property! We absolutely LOVED our adventure at Glacier Mountain Camp. To...
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Willow Creek Camp
Kendal: Pick a spot anywhere on the 30-acre plot! Up in the flatlands or down by the river in the aspens &...
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Mountain Views, Room to Roam
Leila: This unspoiled land was the perfect camping spot to watch the Perseid meteor shower. The sky was so cl...
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RV LOT in South Park!
John: This is a Tiny Home/RV LOT in South Park, Colorado. Yes, this is the place that the cartoon series is...
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Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Brandon: Stagecoach Colorado is a Private Stagecoach Subdivision with 1 acre site to park your RV, or pitch a...
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Riverside Nooks for Camping
White Buffalo
White Buffalo: We have several areas near the river bank cleared for tents. The bank is rocky and steep -- river...
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Evil Wood Camp

Evil Wood Camp

100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Chris: Great access to Spinney Mountain State Park and Eleven Mile State Park! Right off of a very quiet road...
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Old bunkhouse cabin

Old bunkhouse cabin

100% Recommend – 10 Responses
Jamie: We had a great time at the bunkhouse cabin, cooking a great camp meal and taking in the fresh mountain...
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Weston Pass Hut

Weston Pass Hut

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Jason: I had an amazing winter weekend at the Weston Pass Hut. The beautifully designed hut comes stocked wit...
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Kurt's Yurt

Kurt's Yurt

100% Recommend – 6 Responses
Jane: I thoroughly enjoyed the location of this yurt, it was remote enough to really feel alone in nature, b...
Request book$120/night
Camping by the Pond
Deziree: An easy, less than two hour drive from Denver, this spot offers semi-private dispersed camping. Camp e...
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Bent Pickle Produce Org. Farm
Brian: Large open space located next to organic farm produce and diner. Facebook: Bent Pickle Produce
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JuNo Farms
Julia: Welcome to JuNo Farms. We're a small, working, certified naturally grown farm growing produce,...
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The Retreat at Empire Gulch
Alexandria: This place was absolutely incredible to stay at. Highly recommend for anybody who loves an adventure ...
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Jamie: Staying at Campy was wonderful! The drive into Campy was lovely, with amazing views of Mt. Sopris. Thi...
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Rustic Glamorous Artist's Cabin
Megan: This place was perfect. Its a sweet little getaway nestled in the pine trees. The cabin was comfortabl...
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