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San Juan National Forest
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tent forest mountain
The road is a pretty fun drive if you're an experienced driver.
forest mountain
Perfect place for a cup of coffee in the morning.
The tent
Kimberly: Most people don't camp at 11,000 feet for comfort, but at Richmond Basin, you get the b...
The cabin is extremely well constructed and such a pleasure to spend time in
I went and roamed around the property as the sun was setting and it was as pleasant as could be
Sunset seemed to go on forever, with the sun dancing all around the property
There is parking right up to the cabin
The most comfortable of hammocks was waiting in the front yard
Mountain Retreat Cabin
100% 7 Responses
Dave: Mike's cabin is in a wonderfully secluded location and is even better than described. C...
Nice place to camp if you're looking for solitude
Starting a fire as the sun starts to go down and the temperature drops
The first of two gates you'll need to pass through to access the property.
Last of the daylight
We set up our camper in a nice open space and enjoyed the views
Northbound And
Northbound And: If you're looking for a private, rustic spot, this is the place for you. Beautiful fiel...
Peaceful pastures
Beautiful sunset from deck
Camping on mountain lion hill campsite 5
Relax on our deck or on your campsite
View from campsite #1 breathtaking views
Jeff: Diane is a nice and helpful host and she has a lovely property with a few nicely wooded...
The place just got more beautiful as the sun started setting
The land has so many amazing things to go check out. You should definitely take a walk around
40 acres to roam around
Lots of cacti, with an amazing hammock in the back as well
There were plenty of spaces to pitch my tent
Peaceful Forest Camping
100% 1 Response
Stephanie: Easy to find campsite and Mike was a very hospitable host! He helped us out after forge...
Your tent would look good here, believe it or not, a stone's flick from the river!
A Life Outdoors - Tent Sight
greenhouse tour!
Play by the river!
Explore the La Plata Mountains just upstream!
Ryan: We have land spanning both sides of the La Plata River, and a good amount of...
Your front yard!
Front door view of the new footbridge over the river!
Meet the ‘75 Cardinal
Cardinal Camper on the River
Top bunk for storage.
Ryan: Welcome to "A Life Outdoors!"  Our cute little family camper trailer can shelter you at...
The view from our camping chairs while eating dinner
Starting our hike. The hosts also own the land to the right and can be used for camping.
Beautiful view on our hike! It was seriously breathtaking.
Our van under the stars
Hiked to the top of the property. There is a ton of land that you can hike all around and the top has the best views!
Kat: We were blown away by this property! Not only are the hosts super nice and welcoming, b...
Campsite general area around the apple trees. The railroad used to run through the property and riders would get off an eat apples from the old orchards in the area.
We have a very old shed on the property that hipcampers can camp around but please DO NOT TRY TO ENTER THE SHED. It is unstable and potentially dangerous.
Campsite general area under the apple trees
We've marked the outer end of the hipcamp site that we request hipcampers do not camp beyond.
This is a view of a neighboring farm on top of the mesa behind the hipcamp sight. Hipcampers can hike up to the top of, and around our land (please stay within the fence).
Tessa: Come pitch your tent or park your camping trailer in a secluded location, surrounded by...
Nice wooded area for camping
Peaceful boondock mountain camping
Peaceful boondock mountain camping
Peaceful boondock mountain camping
Peaceful boondock mountain camping
Tara: Great place for a last minute trip. Feels very secluded and close to town.
Sanctuary at Little Sand
Sanctuary at Little Sand
Sanctuary at Little Sand
Sanctuary at Little Sand
Sanctuary at Little Sand
Marielena: Escape the city and experience the tranquility of nature. Sanctuary at Little Sand...
Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. - John Muir
Life Lessons with Horses
Self Esteem Self-Awareness  Communication Skills Confidence Teamwork  Patience
A classical dressage master once said “we ride horses for the pleasure of ‘creating beauty” Our purpose is to educate an individual by working as a team with horses not to control but to work alongside the horse. 
We are here for a partnership with the horse.
Artifacts show we are neither the first nor the last community seeking knowledge that encourages individuals,  to know where they fit, and their responsibility to the world as a whole.
Maddie: This is a very cool spot! We were there just to camp for a night on a long road trip an...
Dolores River Ranch
Dolores River Ranch
Dolores River Ranch
Meredith: Mike was so incredibly helpful (even helped us find a dog sitter!) and the site was rea...
van lodging
Awning at the pull up for camping. Great for a tent if that's how you're setting up
Lights on in the kitchen, because there were always good people in and out to chat and cook with
Jen and Amy said a lot of campers have set their tents up in here, with walls to block the wind. And easy access to the fire pit and horseshoes!
Out in the middle of nowhere, yet easy to get to
Michael: Jen and Amy gave me detailed directions shortly after I booked. I was easily able to fi...
Green Sky Yurt Retreat
Unwind, enjoy your stay, and have an exceptional experience.
Green Sky Yurt Retreat
Green Sky Yurt Retreat
Green Sky Yurt Retreat
Lacy: You will find eco-elegance tucked under the stars and pine canopy of this yurt getaway....
The Playground for the Southwest
The Playground for the Southwest
The Playground for the Southwest
Melissa: This RV and Tiny Home Park is an ideal location near Durango, CO where ancient ruins...
A charming little spot
cabin lodging
View from the observation deck
Guests settled in in the hostel
Setting sun lasted forever.
Jen & Amy
Jen & Amy: Camp Kush is located in the Great Sage Plain at the edge of the Colorado Plateau in the...
cabin people lodging
Comfort levels all kinds of high around here
Pup making her way from the kitchen and guest making her way to the restrooms
Swing with a view!
Jen & Amy
Jen & Amy: Camp Kush is located in the Great Sage Plain at the edge of the Colorado Plateau in the...
This is the view of "Broken Off Point" from our campsites.
While getting our fire ring ready to cook on.
Deer frequent our tent site area from late summer through early fall.
A bikepacker on the road from tent site to nearby forest road.
Bath house structure with composting toilet and stove for heating shower water.
Jeff: Our tent sites provide convenience of easy access to fire ring, indoor composting...
2nd Story Guest House with sky deck.
Private bedroom with views
Guest House bathroom with tub.
View from sky deck
Jess: Welcome to Tin Canyon Farm. "Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place” -...