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Rio Grande National Forest

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Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado

If you’ve been searching for a secluded place with unreal scenery, then look no further--that perfect place is here, in the Rio Grande National Forest. Two of Colorado’s most scenic mountain ranges Read more...
If you’ve been searching for a secluded place with unreal scenery, then look no further--that perfect place is here, in the Rio Grande National Forest. Two of Colorado’s most scenic mountain ranges can be found within it’s boundaries. The Sange de Cristos and the San Juan Mountains are well-known for their lofty mountain peaks, gushing rivers, and overall postcard perfect scenery. It’s a haven for serious outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers of all kinds. Getting outside and diving deep into this Rocky Mountain paradise is definitely recommended, but the views that you can snag from the seat of your car are pretty darn impressive, too. And the best part? This region of Colorado isn’t all that crowded, making it a welcome relief from some of the more populated recreation areas. So what are you waiting for?! Come on out and discover why they call it “Colorful Colorado!”
Cathedral Campground
Ever wanted to see if you could live off the land? Cathedral Campground may just be the place to try...
Public campground
Palisade Campground
Pack those old water shoes that have been sitting in your closet forever, because you've gotta enjoy...
Public campground
Alder Guard Station
The Four Seasons of Rio Grande National Park, Alder Guard Station is just as well-equipped as it is...
Public campground
Highway Springs Campground
Grab those binoculars, Highway Springs Campground is perfect for wildlife sighting and scenic drives...
Public campground
Lower Beaver Creek Campground
Lace up those muddy boots, Gaston, Lower Beaver Creek Campground is where you're claiming your next...
Public campground
Stone Cellar Campground
Stone Cellar Campground offers spectacular viewing angles of the nearby La Garita Mountains―no filters...
Public campground
Upper Beaver Creek Campground
There's something fishy about Upper Beaver Creek Campground, and we mean that in a good way. Boat...
Public campground
Poso Campground
Swaying with aspens and spruce trees, Poso Campground is both an anglers and mountain bikers...
Public campground
Park Creek Campground
We all want a secluded area every once and a while, and gosh darnit Park Creek Campground has just the...
Public campground
Marshall Park Campground
Eight-thousand-feet above sea-level, Marshal Park Campground is home to campsites all hugging the Rio...
Public campground
Cross Creek Campground
Whether you're coming in the winter or summer, Cross Creek Campground hosts more activities than an...
Public campground
Storm King Campground
Jessie: I camped at Storm King Campground on Memorial Day weekend 2017. My friend and I had the whole place to...
Public campground
Rio Grande Campground
The well-given moniker to one of Rio Grande State Park’s best kept secrets is none other than Rio...
Public campground
Carnero Guard Station Cabin
You’ll feel like a true wilderness homesteader when you crash at Carnero Guard Station Cabin. Tucked...
Public campground
Ivy Creek Campground
Ivy Creek Campground has large, well-equipped campsites that offer picnic tables, fire rings, etc. ....
Public campground
Big Meadows Campground
Eva: Great spot! Bring shade though as there is none. Great trail loop around reservoir. Lower Loop Site #1...
Public campground
Penitente Canyon Campground
“Climb on!” This should be a well-echoed dialogue while camping at Penitente Canyon Campground....
Public campground
Tucker Ponds Campground
So, you like the look of the Amazon but not that sweaty, sticky air? Tucker Ponds Campground has the...
Public campground
North Clear Creek Campground
North Clear Campground is yet another well-hidden gem in the conifes of Rio Grande National Park's...
Public campground
Bristol Head Campground
An area worth any National Geographic filmmakers’ time, Bristol Head Campground offers serene and...
Public campground
Upper Crossing Guard Station
Get away from it all at Upper Crossing Guard Station, set in a remote section of the Rio Grande...
Public campground
Fitton Guard Station Cabin
Let your inner homesteader shine with full pride at this historical abode. Recently made available to...
Public campground
Luders Creek Campground
With hunting, four-wheeling, biking, and fishing, Luders Creek Campground has got all your outdoor...
Public campground
Silver Thread Campground
Tied together with a common, lustrous thread, Silver Thread Campground offers tent campsites,...
Public campground
Buffalo Pass Campground
Yo Katniss, we know you're ready to put those fancy bows and arrows to good use. Hunt for big game...
Public campground
Road Canyon Campground
The helmet-end of the Road Canyon Reservoir, Road Canyon Campground is a frugal, yet enamoring string...
Public campground
Elwood Cabin
Enjoy the perfect rustic escape at Elwood cabin. Not only do you get to kick back in your own private...
Public campground
River Hill Campground
Located atop of the spruce-littered banks of the Rio Grande River, River Hill Campground is a string...
Public campground
Rock Creek Campground
It’s too hard not to get swept up in the charismatic confines of Rock Creek Campground. Here, you’ll...
Public campground
Stunner Campground
Stunner Campground is just that―stunning. Sitting 10,000 feet on top of the Alamosa River, the area's...
Public campground
Comstock Campground
Susan: The USDA website says Comstock is CLOSED during 2015 HAZARDOUS (Dead) TREES being removed.
Public campground
Thirty Mile Campground
The campground with a moniker that’d raise an eyebrow to even the most seasoned marathoner, Thirty...
Public campground
Mix Lake Campground
A melting pot of recreational activities, Mix Lake Campground is located within an earshot of numerous...
Public campground
Platoro Cabin 1
Gold and silver may have put Platoro on the map, but today the town’s precious stock in trade is...
Public campground
Platoro Cabin 2
Gold and silver may have put Platoro on the map, but today the town’s precious stock in trade is...
Public campground
Alamosa Campground
Alamosa Campground is located in the hydrophilic vicinity of both the Terrace Reservoir Dam and...
Public campground
Lake Fork Campground
Lake Fork Campground is teeming with fantastic fishing in the Conejos river, often described as a...
Public campground
Zapata Falls Campground
Ryan: Awesome campground 10 minutes outside the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The Zapata Falls are a 1/2 m...
Public campground
Lost Trail Campground
A near-as much insular campground, Lost Trail Campground is tucked away in the solitude of Rio Grande...
Public campground
Brewery Creek Guard Station
Linda: The cabin is sweet - clean, warm, and the propane lights make it cozy. Not quite as isolated as it loo...
Public campground
Spectacle Lake Campground
Spectacle Lake Campground is just that―a sight to hold! Here, you’ll find “spectacular” fishing...
Public campground
Elk Creek Campground
Elk Creek Campground is nestled within the more private confines of Rio Grande National Park; where...
Public campground
Elk Creek Overflow Campground
Elk Creek Overflow Campground is located adjacent to the heavily frequented Elk Creek Campground....
Public campground
Trujillo Meadows Campground
Located within a water-licked breeze from the Trujillo Reservoir, the like-named campground offers...
Public campground
Aspen Glade Campground
Snaking through the Rio Grande National Park’s wildlife-laden forest, Aspen Glade Campground is home...
Public campground
North Crestone Creek Campground
Melinda: Let me start with the pros of this campground: It's tucked away with only a few sites and very little ...
Public campground
Mogote Campground
Toss that 'pine' tree hanging from your rearview mirror into the garbage and be gone with it! Mogote...
Public campground
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Sol Mountain Teepee

Sol Mountain Teepee

94% Recommend – 25 Responses
Yaro: Loved it, here’s why! ☀︎ The Site ☀︎ Beautiful Ute Teepee village and even better views of the Col...
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Sol Mountain Farm Camp

Sol Mountain Farm Camp

100% Recommend – 6 Responses
Northbound And
Northbound And: We loved Sol Mountain Farm. You should check it out if you have ever dreamed of living on a farm, are ...
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Mt. Blanca Base Camp ⛺️
Ashton: Mt. Blanca Base Camp is great! It's a perfect spot to pitch your tent, witness an extraordinary sunset...
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Historic Ranch at Mt. Princeton
Selena: My husband and I and our 4 year old son and dog stayed on Monika's ranch over 4th of July, for 4 days ...
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Zapata Under The Stars
Henrietta: Pitch your tent under the stars. Zapata Falls and The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve are...
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Three Canyons Blanco River Camp
Stevi: I camped at a wonderful spot just near the river, surrounded by trees, mountains and all the beautiful...
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San Luis Valley Views
Dillon: This is a basic cramping adventure with beautiful 360 views. We are building off grid house on site...
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Colorado Desert Life
Xerxes: Gorgeous 40 acre RAW land in the heart of Colorado’s San Luis Valley featuring magnificent 360 degree...
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Colorado Sports Ranch & Refuge
Lisa: Pitch your tent at 7600 feet in one of largest high desert valleys in the world, the San Luis Valley....
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Natural Tranquility
Andrea: Staying in this cabin was like going back in time. It is truly a peaceful retreat away from the hustle...
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Rabbit Hole Ranch
Keith: Beautiful solitude with Mt. Blanca and the Great Sand Dunes within view. Only a 40 minute drive from...
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Jodi: Pitch your tent in beautiful cottonwood grove looking to Great sand dunes and majestic Sangre de...
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Camels and a Yurt

Camels and a Yurt

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Caitlin: This is a very special place. The yurt is incredibly cozy, restorative, welcoming, clean, and well-de...
Direct book$110/night
The Boathouse
Stevi: I can not say enough good things about Windsock Ares, and the beautiful little town Creed. When I arri...
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San Luis Star Gazer Retreat
Brendan: San Luis Star Gazer Retreat was a beautiful 360 view plot of land in the middle of the San Luis valley...
Direct book$20/night
Itty Bitty Lakes Campground
Robert and Kay
Robert And Kay: Itty Bitty Lakes is an old fashioned campground on Highway 50 and the Arkansas River in Bighorn Sheep...
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Rio Grande Gorge/Ute Mountain Run Mile 6 Camp
Megan: I cannot explain how beautiful this place is. The Airstream sits on the edge of the Rio Grande Gorge a...
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San Luis Valley Solitude
Matthew: 5 unencumbered acres of beautiful camping land at the base of Mt. Blanca (a 14’er)! Lovely area with...
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The Magnolia
Linnaea: Once the Army recruitment office of Creede, The Magnolia is now a private cabin with a queen bed and a...
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Piñon Flats

Piñon Flats

97% Recommend – 38 Responses
Mitch: Be sure to come stocked up on beer, food, and firewood. There is a general store where you check in, ...
Public campground