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Success Lake
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Sycamore Arch
Manel: River Ridge Ranch is a special treat. This is a spot you enjoy whether you are an experienced camper ...
Direct book $45/night
Hidden Camp
Lisse: River Ridge Ranch is amazing, we can't wait to come back! The campsite has a thick layer of soft soil ...
Direct book $45/night
Swinging Beds under the Oaks
Matt: This trip was absolutely amazing! Mehmet & Chico were perfect hosts — super accommodating and helpful ...
Direct book $45/night
Turtle Flat Tent Platform
Andrea: I have already recommended this place to several people -- it is perfect! Lots of land to explore, a s...
Direct book $45/night
Cottonwood Cabin
Derek: Nice place highly recommended
Direct book $60/night
Quercus Cabin + The Stream
Michaela: My boyfriend and I came to this site to celebrate our anniversary. Little did we know, this campsite i...
Request book $85/night
Upper Peppermint Campground
Mike: There are no hookups so totally dry camping but it does have places that accommodate 30' fifth wheels ...
First come, first serve
Redwood Meadow Campground
Fresh Off
Fresh Off: If you're more of the glamping type, there are six yurt sites avaliable. Each is equipped with a bunk ...
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Lower Peppermint Campground
Joel: The Good: This place was fantastic for a dude's weekend away from the city. Follow the creek behind th...
First come, first serve
Riverside Ranch
Loretta: I honestly could not have had a better experience at this magical camp! The grounds were absolutely ma...
Direct book $125/night
Frog Meadow Campground
Maya: I won't say you *need* 4WD to get here as we did make it in a Civic coupe, but boy was it hair-raising...
First come, first serve
Kern River Getaway
Jeff: Huge space with view of Lake Isabella, Kern River and the southern Sierra mountains all in one place....
Direct book $50/night
Coyote View Tent Camping
Nic: Coyote View campsite is located at the back of the property and is a slightly raised plateau that prov...
Request book $55/night
Leavis Flat Campground
Alex: That this place is magical.
First come, first serve
Cow Cabin
Gary: NOTE: Vehicles must have moderate ground clearance. Use the self check-in. Tiny house with loft...
Direct book $80/night
Riverside Campsite
Nic: The River campsite is one of many great campsites located on the property and is only seasonally avail...
Request book $55/night
South Fork Campground
Travel down a rough dirt road into the foothills for some remote Sequoia National Park camping at...
First come, first serve
Lodgepole Campground
Peter: Lodgepole is one of the best campgrounds in Sequoia National Park. Much more favorable summer temperat...
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Potwisha Campground
Clara: I was a Sequoia newbie when my small dog and I arrived in the park after dark in the . We camped one n...
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Cold Springs Campground
Desiree: After what seemed like hours on a narrow windy mountain road, 7/29 we arrived 10am on Friday and were ...
First come, first serve