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Pine Flat Reservoir
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The best camping near Pine Flat Reservoir, California.

Primitive camp Sequoia/  kings
Fred: Pitch your tent near kings canyon and Sequoia. We are a private residence near the parks....
Direct book$40/night
Fire Refugees NorCal 2017 Free
David: Shaver Lake California couple offering displaced families or individuals temporary shelter as they...
Request book$40/night
Dinkey Creek Campground
Jeff: Pay showers are available just outside of the camp at the general store.Wasps (AKA meat bees) can be a...
Public campground
The Ranch House

The Ranch House

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Manel: Artist's Retreat is a jewel in the Sierra Foothills. It is located on the way to Kings Canyon Nationa...
Direct book$150/night
Mono Hot Springs Campground
Fresh Off
Fresh Off: Be sure to take the 1 mi hike to Doris Lake - it's a great place to swim - warmer than the river! - an...
Public campground
Sunset Campground
Jeremy: We showed up on a Friday morning in July without a reservation and had our pick of about 4 sites that ...
Public campground


100% Recommend – 3 Responses
Mike: This place is great -- a beautiful piece of oak woodland situated at the mouth of two amazing National...
Direct book$75/night
Hume Lake Campground
Jennifer: We stayed here on a Saturday, it was a very pretty campsite. However, the spots fill up quickly so I r...
Public campground
Azalea Campground
Jocelyn: Azalea is one of the easiest to access from the main entrance to Sequoia / Kings Canyon! We loved this...
Public campground
Dorst Creek Campground
Kristen: Arrived late afternoon on a Friday in mid-August. Even with the forest fire relocated reservations we ...
Public campground
Riverside Eden

Riverside Eden

25% Recommend – 4 Responses
Cyn: The river is beautiful - the pics do not do it justice and Teresa's family were warm and friendly. We ...
Direct book$50/night
Mammoth Pool Campground
Emily: Social hot springs in epic hike-in setting. Went in the winter and, wow, was it cold and windy!
Public campground
Soda Springs Campground
Looking for a long drive from almost anything? Head to Soda Springs Campground tucked in to the sweet...
Public campground
Stony Creek Campground
Christopher: Located right in between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Stony Creek Campground is actually l...
Public campground
Cozy Cabin in Shaver Lake
Jamie: Shaver Lake is the perfect place to vacation. Located at 5,500 ft elevation an hour NE of Fresno. The...
Direct book$195/night
Sweetheart Starlit Heated Tent
N: Need some alone time? Near Sequoia National Park, The Starlight Ranch allows you to bask in the sun...
Direct book$79/night
Princess Campground
Rob: Bigger sites spread further apart for privacy than the nearby NPS campgrounds, and often much less cro...
Public campground
Crystal Springs Campground
This spot is located about 4 miles into the park from the entrance near Grant Grove, close to Azalea...
Public campground
Badger Flat Campground
Jennifer: Deep shade, year-round creek, pit toilets. Bring bug repellent for the hatch, and wood for the fire pi...
Public campground
Kings canyon- Sequoia camp
John: Fred and his lady created something pretty special here! Awesome hosts and perfect spot to get in and ...
Request book$75/night