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The best camping near Oroville, California.

Squirrel Acres
Squirrel Acres
100% – 10 Responses
Jay: I had a great stay at Squirrel Acres. Although I did not get to meet Dan and Marion personally, they l...
Direct book $50/night
Forest Camping
Nic: Wow! I can't say enough about Maple Creek Ranch. The property itself is a nearly 500 acre, working t...
Direct book $45/night
Lake Concow Campground*
Lexi: Lake Concow is nestled in the hills in Northern California. As soon as we arrived we enjoyed the lush ...
Request book $20/night
Zach: We offer a beautiful, absolutely tranquil 20 acres of towering Ponderosa and oak, situated on a Butte...
Direct book $35/night
Loch Lomond Glen
Kris: This is a public adventure park with zip line, trampoline and old school playground with...
Direct book $12/night
Camp in the Vineyard
Alyse: Many areas to camp by the vineyards or RV hookup. Local activities of hiking, snowmobile, boating,...
Direct book $50/night
Cabin 2 at Oaks & Stream
Melissa: I had a wonderful overnight in the larger of the two cabins. I arrived later in the afternoon after Li...
Request book $85/night
The Yuba Yurt
The Yuba Yurt
97% – 30 Responses
Nic: The Yuba Yurt is a secluded getaway with all the amenities tucked up on a ridge in the heart of Nevada...
Request book $189/night
First Rain Farm
Lauren: Kat and Tim were lovely hosts! We arrived to clearly marked HIPCAMP signs leading us down the path to ...
Direct book $45/night
Tobacco Springs Ranch
John: Pitch your tent under one of the many beautiful oaks on the property, or, for a little more...
Direct book $25/night
Llama Land
Llama Land
100% – 4 Responses
Coliath: Lamas land lives up to the pictures! My girl friend and I camped there for her first time! Tanya was a...
Request book $50/night
Yuba River Cabins
Kelly: We would HIGHLY recommend. It's an easy drive from SF and minutes away from Nevada City. There is no c...
Request book $275/night
Bella Bohemia
Rachelina: Pitch your tent or park you rv here! We live in beautiful butte creek canyon. We are a twisty, scenic...
Request book $45/night
Sterling Creek Ranch
Lexi: This site is beautiful. You not only get to have a beautiful sunrise and sunset by staying here, you a...
Request book $45/night
Pluto the New Horizon
Zach: This is our fully furnished, one of a kind home-on-wheels, recently parked in a beautiful location at...
Direct book $60/night
Disc Golfer's Paradise
Kristen: Experience a serene private camp space on a beautiful trout stream. Large lit patio area with BBQ,...
Direct book $400/night
Earth Castle Retreat
Jay: I had an awesome stay at ECR! The host, Anna Thea, was incredibly kind and welcoming. I had a great ti...
Direct book $75/night
Cabin 1 at Oaks & Stream
Lis: Come visit our beautiful 20 acre property in quiet, scenic Bangor. We are Christians (Catholic and...
Request book $75/night
Olives And Oranges
Valerie: Easy, no fuss camping! Great for a stopover from I-5. Lovely orchards - just be careful not to set up ...
Direct book $20/night
Llama Mamas
Llama Mamas
100% – 1 Response
Tanya: Guests will be staying in a 36-ft 5th wheel with all of the amenities. Sleeps 4 This is a family owned...
Request book $65/night