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Clear Lake Reservoir
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The best camping near Clear Lake Reservoir, California.

Indian Well Campground
Lori: Bring boots -lava beds are sharp
Public campground
Howard's Gulch Campground
Daniel: This place is amazing! It is a birding area with lovely forest and stone formations. We were the only ...
Public campground
Jane's Reservoir Campground
Jane’s Reservoir Campground is known for its beauty and solitude. The campground is partly shady and...
Public campground
Reservoir C Campground
Welcome to Devil’s Garden in the heart of the mile-high Modoc Plateau. Reservoir C Campground is quiet...
Public campground
A.H. Hogue Campground
A. H. Hogue Campground is the largest and most spacious campground on Medicine Lake, so bring your...
Public campground
Blanche Lake Campground
Blanche Lake Campground is a shady, secluded spot sitting on the banks of the tiny lake. The nearby...
Public campground
Bullseye Lake Campground
Bullseye Lake Campground sits in a quiet, shady spot on the banks of the small Bullseye Lake. Bring...
Public campground
Headquarters Campground
If you’re looking for a quiet, secluded camping spot on beautiful Medicine Lake, Headquarters...
Public campground
Hemlock Campground
Hemlock Campground is in the Medicine Lake Highlands on the shores of the lake. This is an ideal spot...
Public campground
Medicine Campground
Medicine Campground sits in the highlands on beautiful Medicine Lake. You’ll have great views of...
Public campground
Payne Springs Campground
Payne Springs Campground is a shady spot in the Medicine Lake Highlands near Paynes Creek. Attractions...
Public campground
Schonchin Springs Campground
Schonchin Springs Campground is a quiet spot located one mile from Medicine Lake. It is more secluded...
Public campground
Holbrook Reservoir Forest Camp
Bring your fishing pole when you stay at Holbrook Reservoir Forest Campground; chances are you’ll...
Public campground
Lofton Reservoir Developed Campground
A shady forest cover and prime fishing location—you don’t need much more than that in a campground,...
Public campground
Dog Lake Campground
It’s a dog’s life at Dog Lake Campground—meaning you’ll probably do a lot of laying around punctuated...
Public campground