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Clear Creek Ranch
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The 10 best camping spots near Clear Creek Ranch, California with surfing.

Agate Beach Campground
Alex: Don't leave without hiking down to the beach, even if it seems too foggy to enjoy, there is an...
Abalone Campground
Ivan: Great privacy for each camp site; your'e surrounded by very tall shrubs.
Red Alder Group Camp
Red Alder Group Campground is located in the heart of the park. It is the closest site to parking and...
Beach Creek Group Camp
Beach Creek Group Campground is perfect for large parties to have some space to kick back and relax....
Penn Creek Campground
Penn Creek, combined with Abalone and Agate campgrounds, has 124 campsites. The campsites each have a...
Mill Creek Campground
Kari: Out of all the campgrounds in the area this one has the most camp spots. The benefit of that is you...
Jones Beach Camp
If you’re looking for a sampler of what this wilderness has to offer, try camping at Jones beach. It...
Needle Rock Camp
This environmental campground has a pretty gnarly view of Needle Rock and Double Rock which are some...
Streamside Camp
This tiny campsite has a lot to offer. Located right next to Needle Rock and the visitor center, this...
Railroad Camp
Bear Harbor Railroad used to run through here, but now all that’s left are some mysterious rusty...