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Clear Creek Ranch
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The 20 best camping spots near Clear Creek Ranch, California with surfing.

Agate Beach Campground

1. Agate Beach Campground

100% Recommend (3 Responses)

Agate Beach Campground can be a wonderful place to call “home” while exploring the beauty of Patrick’s Point State Park. This campground is located...

Alex: Don't leave without hiking down to the beach, even if it seems too foggy to enjoy, there is an incredible view from the bottom...
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Red Alder Group Camp

2. Red Alder Group Camp

Red Alder Group Campground is located in the heart of the park. It is the closest site to parking and the visitor’s center, which is super...

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Beach Creek Group Camp

3. Beach Creek Group Camp

Beach Creek Group Campground is perfect for large parties to have some space to kick back and relax. Located in the southern end of the park, there...

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Penn Creek Campground

4. Penn Creek Campground

Penn Creek, combined with Abalone and Agate campgrounds, has 124 campsites. The campsites each have a picnic table, barbecue pit and food locker....

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Abalone Campground

5. Abalone Campground

The Abalone Campground in Patrick’s Point Park is located just a couple yards from the water. The campground features picnic tables, barbeque pits,...

Ivan: Great privacy for each camp site; your'e surrounded by very tall shrubs.
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Jones Beach Camp

6. Jones Beach Camp

If you’re looking for a sampler of what this wilderness has to offer, try camping at Jones beach. It is the campground the furthest up north,...

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Needle Rock Camp

7. Needle Rock Camp

This environmental campground has a pretty gnarly view of Needle Rock and Double Rock which are some crazy rock formations jutting out of the...

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Streamside Camp

8. Streamside Camp

This tiny campsite has a lot to offer. Located right next to Needle Rock and the visitor center, this is probably the most accessible campground in...

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Railroad Camp

9. Railroad Camp

Bear Harbor Railroad used to run through here, but now all that’s left are some mysterious rusty tracks jutting off the cliffside. This bizarre...

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Orchard Camp

10. Orchard Camp

Orchard Camp is an environmental camp with an awesome viewpoint looking out over the ocean with Morgan Rock and North Rock in view. A great place...

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Bear Harbor Camp

11. Bear Harbor Camp

Bear Harbor is located in the middle of the Lost Coast. Check in at the Needle Rock Visitor Center, then head on down the Bear Harbor trail to set...

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Usal Beach Camp

12. Usal Beach Camp

Usal Beach is the only drive-in campground, as well as the campground furthest south in Sinkyone; it’s conveniently located near Highway 1. The...

Ross: Hard to find but worth. Arrived on a tue. Ranger was cleaning an outhouse. Lucked out and had a great spot 19. Most other spots...
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Wheeler Camp

13. Wheeler Camp

Wheeler Camp is smack in the middle of the Sinkyone Wilderness, so come check it out if and only if you’re prepared to backpack. Dense woodland,...

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Anderson Camp

14. Anderson Camp

Anderson Camp is a primitive campground, a perfect place to stop for the night while you ambitiously venture on the Lost Coast. If you’re starting...

Yousef: A truly magical off the beaten path place. Prepare for quite a bit of elevation gain/loss with the reward of amazing views....
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Little Jackass Creek Camp

15. Little Jackass Creek Camp

Little Jackass Creek has an intriguing name… and intriguing nearby attractions. Mistake Point? Who knows what you’ll find there? Jackass Cone? We...

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Mill Creek Campground

16. Mill Creek Campground

Mill Creek campground is situated beneath towering trees and is the ultimate place for a nature-filled retreat. There are 145 total campsites with...

Kari: Out of all the campgrounds in the area this one has the most camp spots. The benefit of that is you are more likely to get a...
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Howard Creek Campground

17. Howard Creek Campground

Howard Creek Campground might not offer much in the way of amenities or shade, but the scenery is epic. We promise. This campground is best if you...

Rob: I've never heard this called "Howard Creek" campground so search for it by the beach name. Basically just parking lots on the...
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Old Homestead Camp
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18. Old Homestead Camp

100% Recommend (19 Responses)

Welcome to Casari Ranch - a 532 acre Agriculture Peserve, only 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean on the northern Californian coast. Pitch a tent for on...

Francisco: It was a really great experience. The farm is beautiful and it’s a great set up with port a potty and picnic table. We camped...
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Three G Familia Farm
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19. Three G Familia Farm

90% Recommend (10 Responses)

Easy access, very private, sheltered, and serene, borders Stornetta Lands national park. This is a 200 acre family farm/ranch that has been in the...

Anita: The drive up to Three G Familia Farm is incredible. Located 3 hours north of the Bay Area, it is the perfect weekend getaway as...
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Tents on the River ~ Sites 1-4
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20. Tents on the River ~ Sites 1-4

This is the first section of the campground, Sites 1-4. Its a great area for larger groups if you book several sites together. Parking is nearby....

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