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Clear Creek Ranch
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The 10 best camping spots near Clear Creek Ranch, California with showers.

Shasta View Treehouse
Alyssa: Hands down my favorite hipcamp stay to date! The property is nestled into a huge meadow with a view of...
Coffee Creek Ranch Cabins
Bill: Open from April 8th - November 25th, 2017. Our secluded cabins sit below the awesome view of Billy’s...
Forest Camping
Nic: Wow! I can't say enough about Maple Creek Ranch. The property itself is a nearly 500 acre, working...
Trinity River Rough it Cabin
Colleen: Cabin in the rough. A "green" off grid experience! Everything is solar or propane. Cabin not...
Lower Cabin
Terri: This secluded cabin consists of one main room with 2 double bunks (4 beds), a propane cooking top...
Greg: We stayed at Pantilokpom with our two kids (4 and 6). There was a another group of campers and we had...
Camping, Forest Springs
Nic: Forest Springs tent camping is a great place to get some of the creature comforts of home while still...
Pantilokpom Cabin
Joyce: Our 120 square foot cabin has a generous deck overlooking our pond. Watch carefully and you'll see...
Bushytail Campground
Nathaniel : Great site near the lake. Fishing is great if you drive down the dock near the bridge. Campsite is...
Sis Q Ranch Tent Camping
Evan: Tom and Jan Ball are absolutely amazing and friendly hosts! Going to Sis Q is like going home. All the...