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Best Camping near Colleen T.’s Land, California with Showers

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Trinity River Rough it Cabin
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1. Trinity River Rough it Cabin

Cabin in the rough. A "green" off grid experience! Everything is solar or propane. Cabin not insulated. . . bring warm clothes. You will be dry!...

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Lower Cabin
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2. Lower Cabin

This secluded cabin consists of one main room with 2 double bunks (4 beds), a propane cooking top & table with benches. There is a barbeque on...

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30' Yurt in the Trinity Alps
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3. 30' Yurt in the Trinity Alps

Our 30′ Pacific Yurt is a place of tranquility and fun in the round. The clawfoot tub invites you to relax while you enjoy classical or nature...

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Sis Q Ranch Tent Camping
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4. Sis Q Ranch Tent Camping

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

Sis-Q Ranch is a small working ranch that is 9 miles from the nearest town of Fort Jones (Population 660). We have limited tent space that is...

Evan: Tom and Jan Ball are absolutely amazing and friendly hosts! Going to Sis Q is like going home. All the pups are sweet and fun,...
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Bushytail Campground

5. Bushytail Campground

Looping through mature evergreens, Bushytail Campground isn’t just toting an adorable name―it’s also a mecca for California campers. Aside from not...

Nathaniel : Great site near the lake. Fishing is great if you drive down the dock near the bridge. Campsite is clean and well kept.
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Camping, Forest Springs
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6. Camping, Forest Springs

FOREST SPRINGS: 55 scenic miles northeast of Redding, we are160 acres in far northern California, surrounded by Shasta National Forest, near lakes...

Nic: Forest Springs tent camping is a great place to get some of the creature comforts of home while still getting the full outdoors...
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Olives And Oranges
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7. Olives And Oranges

100% Recommend (5 Campers)

Pitch your tent in our mature 30 acre organic olive orchard. Plenty of space for privacy. Full use of in ground swimming pool. Ideal for a layover...

Valerie: Easy, no fuss camping! Great for a stopover from I-5. Lovely orchards - just be careful not to set up too close to the trees or...
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Middle Cabin
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8. Middle Cabin

This is the only cabin right by the main road, so you may see anglers or ranch hands drive by occasionally. It is the nicest cabin however, and...

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Otter Space Meadow
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9. Otter Space Meadow

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River valley. We have a 5 acre meadow, and orchard...

Jay: The meadow camps are situated in the nooks along the edge of the huge meadow under tall trees so you’re in a good spot on the...
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Guesthouse, Forest Springs
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10. Guesthouse, Forest Springs

Guesthouse RATES per night: 1 person $110; each additional person $25; plus tax (Holiday weekends: minimum $140 per night...

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Romantic River TeePee
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11. Romantic River TeePee

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

The Romantic River TeePee is located next to the yurt. It overlooks the Klamath River flowing below and is ideal for two people. HIPCAMP – OTTER...

Jay: I had an incredible stay. Otter Space is truly a hidden gem. I arrived much later than expected in the evening but Peter was...
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Rim Camp

12. Rim Camp

Rim Camp is located right between Lake Britton to the north and the majestic Burney Falls. Camping so close to a waterfall (that was considered by...

Angela: Expensive camping but very handy for short trips. Nice trails surround the area.
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Sycamore Grove Campground

13. Sycamore Grove Campground

Sycamore Grove Campground is isolated but fully loaded with grills, fire rings, potable water, showers, a boat ramp, and hiking trails. If you’re...

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McArthur-Burney Falls Cabins

15. McArthur-Burney Falls Cabins

These insulated cabins are rustic and charming while being amazingly comfortable and convenient. There’s plenty of space on the porch, and you can...

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Otter Space Cottages
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16. Otter Space Cottages

Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River valley. We have a 5 acre meadow, and orchard...

Jay: These cottages are awesome! The cottages are very spacious and both have a loft area and multiple beds. It has all the goods...
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Otter Space Riverview
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17. Otter Space Riverview

Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River valley. We have a 5 acre meadow, and orchard...

Meghan: Otter Space is a fantastic place to camp. Getting there is a little difficult, since you basically drive down a logging road...
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Elk Prairie Campground

18. Elk Prairie Campground

100% Recommend (8 Campers)

Elk Prairie Campground features 75 campsites nearby an open meadow in this expansive park. Most of the campsites are situated far beneath the...

Nick: There are few campsites adjacent to the fields where the Elk graze, but the most beautiful sites are the among the mossy trees....
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Gold Bluffs Beach Campground

19. Gold Bluffs Beach Campground

100% Recommend (10 Campers)

Gold Bluffs Beach Campground is located next to the sand dunes, literally only a few hundred yards away from the beach. There are 25 campsites...

Monica: One of my absolute favorite campsites. Not mentioned here are the wild elk roaming around the campsite and the amazing Fern...
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Manzanita Lake Campground

20. Manzanita Lake Campground

Just like the group campgrounds, Manzanita Lake Campground is made up of 4 loops: A and C are reservable and B and D are first-come first-serve....

Kristina: Not sure why, but the Manzanita Lake Group Campground comes up as the first search result. Anyways...this is my go to...
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