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Chanslor Ranch
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The 20 best camping spots near Chanslor Ranch, California.

Enchanted Forest Yurt
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1. Enchanted Forest Yurt

100% Recommend (21 Responses)

Glamping at its' finest! Isolated on a hilltop overlooking the bucolic Coleman Valley, this secluded 24 foot diameter Pacific Yurt is situated...

Steph: The yurt was such a treat! Extremely well equipped and conveniently laid out. We comfortably fit 5 people in there. The couch...
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Treehouse Magic Grove
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2. Treehouse Magic Grove

100% Recommend (5 Responses)

In a lovely eucalyptus grove, nestled securely 30 feet up in multi-trunked 110 ft. tree. Deck, artisticly appointed cabin, cozy queen bed, luxury...

Madison: I don’t typically use the word “magical,” but there’s no better word to describe this property. It’s only an hour drive from...
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Lower Mesa Camp
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3. Lower Mesa Camp

88% Recommend (13 Responses)

Located on Chanslor's rolling mountain hills, overlooking the ocean. Fireplace and picnic table at this site. Houses up to 1 tent and 4 people....

Katie: Just came back from an incredible weekend at Chanslor Ranch on the Mesa Camp site! Camp host, Myra, was great and incredibly...
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Red Tail Point Camp
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4. Red Tail Point Camp

100% Recommend (19 Responses)

Creek. Located on Chanslor's rolling mountain hills, overlooking the ocean. Fireplace and picnic table at this site. Houses up to 4 tents and 12...

Maggie: We ended up switching campsites and camped at Shelter Rock instead. This was a really good decision because the rock gave us...
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Old Homestead Camp
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5. Old Homestead Camp

100% Recommend (19 Responses)

Welcome to Casari Ranch - a 532 acre Agriculture Peserve, only 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean on the northern Californian coast. Pitch a tent for on...

Francisco: It was a really great experience. The farm is beautiful and it’s a great set up with port a potty and picnic table. We camped...
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Shelter Rock Camp
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6. Shelter Rock Camp

92% Recommend (24 Responses)

Located on Chanslor's rolling mountain hills, overlooking the ocean. Fireplace and picnic table at this site. Houses up to 4 tents and 10 people....

Will: A little windy the night we stayed but loved the site for a casual overnighter!
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Teton Rock Camp
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7. Teton Rock Camp

92% Recommend (24 Responses)

Located on Chanslor's rolling mountain hills, overlooking the ocean. Fireplace and picnic table at this site. Houses up to 2 tent and 8 people....

Conor: Amazing stay. Great hosts.
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Enchanted Forest Pond
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8. Enchanted Forest Pond

68% Recommend (17 Responses)

Pitch your tent by the pond to swim on a hot day or hear a chorus of frogs at night. Located at the top of the hill, the pond camping spot provides...

Jay: I had an awesome stay at Shanti Permaculture Farm! I arrived right before sundown so it was really cool to see the whole area...
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Miwok Village Group Site
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9. Miwok Village Group Site

94% Recommend (9 Responses)

Miwok village was home of the Miwok tribe for around 1,000 years. With fishing close by and mountains to break the wind, it is obvious why they...

Pierre: This is the best camp of Chanslor Ranch in my opinion. None of us expected such peace and seclusion. Although this one isn't...
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Walnut Grove Camp
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10. Walnut Grove Camp

90% Recommend (26 Responses)

Pitch your tent in an old walnut grove near Cache Creek kayaking and river rafting. Wild turkeys might wander past your tent and you will be...

Kristina: This is such a gem! Camilla is such a great host and our campsite was so perfect! We had a little running waterfall near our...
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Great Group Site
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11. Great Group Site

100% Recommend (4 Responses)

Located 55 miles NE of San Francisco, non-profit community farm First Generation Farmers invites you to stay on our brand new group site nestled in...

Barbara: I came here with a group of 9 Girl Scouts (9-10 year olds) and they had the BEST time ever. I will definitely come back with my...
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Rolling Oak Woodlands & EcoFarm
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12. Rolling Oak Woodlands & EcoFarm

The Oak Granary is the perfect place for a weekend camping getaway with your friends, or a venue for your next big event! We host gatherings for 2...

Jeremy: Absolutely loved it! Lindsay, Keith and crew are the loveliest hosts, it's absolutely beautiful, and just an all around...
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Middle Creek Campground

13. Middle Creek Campground

Located eight miles north of Upper Lake on County Road 301, Middle Creek Campground is an OHV and equestrian staging area (just no horse camping)....

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Deer Valley Campground

14. Deer Valley Campground

This one is out in the thick of it. Deer Valley Campground, North of Ukiah, is a popular camping spot for OHV enthusiast and deer hunters in the...

Gregory: Hotspot for OHVs so if you're seeking a backcountry vibe probably not the best since you're in the middle of a well developed...
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Eco Farmhouse on WildLands
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15. Eco Farmhouse on WildLands

A charming 1930s farmhouse on an organic farm and environmental education center contains 4 bedrooms, an open floorplan kitchen/dining room,...

Eileen: We had the absolute pleasure of joining the members of the Oak Granary community for a meal at the Farm House. We feasted on...
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Bear Creek Campground

16. Bear Creek Campground

Bear Creek Campground is peacefully set out in the boondocks of Mendo County. Campsites are nestled against picturesque Bear Creek, and rumor has...

Dylan: As far as developed campgrounds go, Bear Creek is pretty secluded. There are about 16 well dispersed sites, two vault toilets,...
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Letts Lake Campground

17. Letts Lake Campground

Conifers—the word from Latin meaning “to carry (pine) cones”—surround this charming lake that invites you to relax and sit back in ease. Letts...

Gregory: Lett's Lake is a beautiful lake chuck full of feisty largemouth bass right on the edge of the Mendocino National Forrest (MNF)....
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Navarro Beach Campground

18. Navarro Beach Campground

Navarro Beach Campground is the best of all waterside worlds. Fall asleep to ocean songs. Be a neighbor to swimming holes and translucent river...

Ross: Stopped Campsites on top of one another,in a state of disrepair. Head north just past Ft. Bragg to MacKerricher S.P....
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Mill Valley Campground

19. Mill Valley Campground

Letts head to Letts Lake and snuggle into Mill Valley Campground. These primitive campsites one mile north of the Lake will help you explore the...

Karissa: Great spot! We originally planned on camping at Letts Lake, but found the CG way too crowded and cramped. Drove just a few...
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Dixie Glade Campground

20. Dixie Glade Campground

Herding your cattle through the mountains? Even if it’s just you and your children, Dixie Glade Campground is your spot to rest amongst the shade...

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