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Best Camping near Salmon Creek Ranch, California with Boating

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Eagle's Nest Treehouse Farmstay
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1. Eagle's Nest Treehouse Farmstay

98% Recommend (29 Campers)

The Eagle's Nest Treehouse Farm Stay combines a wilderness experience, sumptuous old growth redwoods, but the comforts of a guest house, with...

Alyssa: The Eagle's Nest is a magical place. Perched high in the trees, this is an amazing place to relax, recharge and reconnect...
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Enchanted Forest Yurt
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2. Enchanted Forest Yurt

100% Recommend (9 Campers)

Glamping at its' finest! Isolated on a hilltop overlooking the bucolic Coleman Valley, this secluded 24 foot diameter Pacific Yurt has private...

Jay: The Yurt was a perfect weekend getaway. The farm itself is far enough from the town to get that sense of peace and quiet but...
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Elk Tipi
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3. Elk Tipi

91% Recommend (22 Campers)

This tipi site is located on a hill, with superior ocean views. This site recommends 4WD or AWD to get to, but it’s a short hill and a couple...

M.E.: This site was awesome - amazing sunsets, close to amenities, and great access to the land. Chanslor Ranch was a great find....
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Redwood Camp
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4. Redwood Camp

97% Recommend (75 Campers)

NOTE: During the wet, winter months, the farm road down to these spots can get slippery and you really need 4WD to access them. During times of...

Laura: This is a gem of a campsite. The road getting down to the valley could be rough, but walking in would take maybe 10 minutes...
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Old Homestead Camp
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5. Old Homestead Camp

100% Recommend (12 Campers)

Welcome to Casari Ranch - a 532 acre Agriculture Peserve, only 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean on the northern Californian coast. Pitch a tent for on...

Anne: Old Homestead Camp was INCREDIBLE. The property was so beautiful and diverse in both animal and plant inhabitants. Our site was...
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6. Olamentko

88% Recommend (68 Campers)

This is a group of five individual sites along the Salamander Ravine, located between hills providing a natural wind barrier. The site is also a...

Kaity: We had a WONDERFUL stay at Olamentko. We rented sites 1-4 to accommodate 16 people and had ample room to set up camp, cook, and...
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Red Tail Point Camp
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7. Red Tail Point Camp

100% Recommend (15 Campers)

This is a flat grassy spot with a gorgeous ocean view, overlooking the Salmon Creek. This camp is only accessed by hiking/backpacking in on a...

Maggie: We ended up switching campsites and camped at Shelter Rock instead. This was a really good decision because the rock gave us...
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Rocky Hill Top
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8. Rocky Hill Top

100% Recommend (14 Campers)

This site requires 4WD or AWD to get to, but it’s a steep, short hill to a parking area for those who choose to walk in. Rocky Hill Top 2 is a...

Amy: Absolutely great location. Wonderful hosts and very accessible to town for forgotten supplies. One thing to note about this...
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The Cob House
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9. The Cob House

100% Recommend (5 Campers)

You have the option of a very small, no electricity, cob sleeping cabin, twin plus bed (that nearly fits 2!), with a beautiful outdoor shower and...

Michelle: We came here to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday and we had the loveliest time. Their garden was a dream with all the veggies...
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Hidden Ravine
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10. Hidden Ravine

92% Recommend (24 Campers)

Perfect for the cozy camper! A small secluded camp tucked away in the trees running along the Salamander Ravine. Space is limited at this site....

Daniel: Hidden Ravine is perfect for couples or solo campers. Even with other camping areas nearby there is almost total privacy....
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Teton Rock Camp
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11. Teton Rock Camp

90% Recommend (21 Campers)

This site can only be accessed by back-packing in less than a mile. There is a fire pit at this site, but no picnic table. This is a great,...

Conor: Amazing stay. Great hosts.
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Shelter Rock Camp
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12. Shelter Rock Camp

89% Recommend (19 Campers)

This is a site that can only be accessed by back-packing in less than a mile. There is a fire pit at this site, but no picnic table. This is a...

Will: A little windy the night we stayed but loved the site for a casual overnighter!
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Windhorse Tipi Camp
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13. Windhorse Tipi Camp

92% Recommend (13 Campers)

This tipi site is located on a hill, with superior ocean views. This site recommends 4WD or AWD to get to, but it’s a short hill and a couple...

Jessica: This Tipi has a million dollar view of the Sonoma coast! It's a steep walk down the hill to the showers and water. That was the...
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Mesa Camp
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14. Mesa Camp

100% Recommend (7 Campers)

Mesa camp is a nice green grassy spot on the hill side by Coleman trail. Breath taking views of the surrounding areas with lots of hiking around...

Katie: Just came back from an incredible weekend at Chanslor Ranch on the Mesa Camp site! Camp host, Myra, was great and incredibly...
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Wildcat Camp

15. Wildcat Camp

100% Recommend (4 Campers)

It sure is nice to be so dang close to the ocean! Wildcat Camp is located in an open meadow that is just a hop, skip and jump away from the mighty...

Oshie: Sites 1-3AB are most exposed to neighbors but closest to bathroom. Sites 5-7 are the small but offers the most seclusion.
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Sky Camp

16. Sky Camp

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

1,025 feet up Mt. Wittenberg lies Sky Camp. The camp stays true to it’s name and offers spectacular panoramic views (after a “moderate” uphill hike...

Bryn: If you ask me, this is the perfect mix between car camping and pack-in. It's about a 30 minute walk from the closest parking...
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Miwok Village Group Site
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17. Miwok Village Group Site

100% Recommend (6 Campers)

Miwok village was home of the Miwok tribe for around 1,000 years. With fishing close by and mountains to break the wind, it is obvious why they...

Pierre: This is the best camp of Chanslor Ranch in my opinion. None of us expected such peace and seclusion. Although this one isn't...
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Enchanted Forest Campsite
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18. Enchanted Forest Campsite

Our Enchanted Forest offers a secluded shady spot for tent camping with a nearby bathroom and outdoor shower.

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Buffalo Tipi Camp
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19. Buffalo Tipi Camp

100% Recommend (5 Campers)

This tipi site is located on a hill, with superior ocean views. This site recommends 4WD or AWD to get to, but it’s a short hill and a couple...

Madison: Buffalo Tipi is the most private of the tipis. It's nestled at the back between trees, overlooking pastures and the ocean....
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Enchanted Forest Pond
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20. Enchanted Forest Pond

58% Recommend (12 Campers)

Pitch your tent by the pond to swim on a hot day or hear a chorus of frogs at night. Located at the top of the hill, the pond tent camping provides...

Jay: I had an awesome stay at Shanti Permaculture Farm! I arrived right before sundown so it was really cool to see the whole area...
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