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Best Camping near Shanti Permaculture Farm, California

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Enchanted Forest Yurt
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1. Enchanted Forest Yurt

100% Recommend (14 Campers)

Glamping at its' finest! Isolated on a hilltop overlooking the bucolic Coleman Valley, this secluded 24 foot diameter Pacific Yurt has private...

Steph: The yurt was such a treat! Extremely well equipped and conveniently laid out. We comfortably fit 5 people in there. The couch...
100 Saves
Creekside Camp
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2. Creekside Camp

95% Recommend (70 Campers)

NOTE: During the wet, winter months, these spots get muddy and cars can get stuck. Unless you have 4WD, we do not recommend staying here until the...

Jarrett: This was a great getaway from the city! We really enjoyed the ranch and our campsite. The owners are great and were more than...
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Redwood Camp
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3. Redwood Camp

97% Recommend (77 Campers)

NOTE: During the wet, winter months, the farm road down to these spots can get slippery and you really need 4WD to access them. During times of...

Laura: This is a gem of a campsite. The road getting down to the valley could be rough, but walking in would take maybe 10 minutes if...
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Hogback Site
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4. Hogback Site

100% Recommend (15 Campers)

Located along the hogback of the Chanslor vista, overlooking the valley toward the mountain. Fireplace and picnic table. Near the Rocky Hilltop...

Debra: Breath taking views in all directions. Secluded sight in the heart of Bodega Bay. We will be back.
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5. Olamentko

89% Recommend (69 Campers)

Located in the basin of the Chanslor valley. This is a group of five individual sites along the Salamander Ravine, located between hills...

Kaity: We had a WONDERFUL stay at Olamentko. We rented sites 1-4 to accommodate 16 people and had ample room to set up camp, cook, and...
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Bullfrog Pond Campground
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6. Bullfrog Pond Campground

91% Recommend (313 Campers)

Bullfrog Pond Campground, located in Austin Creek State Recreation Area and operated by Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, is nestled atop rolling...

Katie: Fantastic campground! Some campsites are closers to each other, some more private. Note that sites 1-20 are shaded in the...
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Hidden Ravine
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7. Hidden Ravine

92% Recommend (24 Campers)

Perfect for the cozy camper! A small secluded camp tucked away in the trees running along the Salamander Ravine. Space is limited at this site....

Daniel: Hidden Ravine is perfect for couples or solo campers. Even with other camping areas nearby there is almost total privacy....
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Eagle's Nest Treehouse Farmstay
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8. Eagle's Nest Treehouse Farmstay

98% Recommend (45 Campers)

The Eagle's Nest Treehouse Farm Stay combines a wilderness experience, sumptuous old growth redwoods, but the comforts of a guest house, with...

Alyssa: The Eagle's Nest is a magical place. Perched high in the trees, this is an amazing place to relax, recharge and reconnect...
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Elk Tipi
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9. Elk Tipi

86% Recommend (25 Campers)

Located along the rising hill of the Chanslor vista with superior ocean views. Tent is equipped with 2 cots, plush cots pads, a lantern, a battery...

M.E.: This site was awesome - amazing sunsets, close to amenities, and great access to the land. Chanslor Ranch was a great find....
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Miwok Village Group Site
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10. Miwok Village Group Site

100% Recommend (7 Campers)

Miwok village was home of the Miwok tribe for around 1,000 years. With fishing close by and mountains to break the wind, it is obvious why they...

Pierre: This is the best camp of Chanslor Ranch in my opinion. None of us expected such peace and seclusion. Although this one isn't...
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Buffalo Tipi Camp
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11. Buffalo Tipi Camp

100% Recommend (7 Campers)

Located along the rising hill of the Chanslor vista with superior ocean views. Tent is equipped with 2 cots, plush cots pads, a lantern, a battery...

Madison: Buffalo Tipi is the most private of the tipis. It's nestled at the back between trees, overlooking pastures and the ocean....
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Vale Site
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12. Vale Site

85% Recommend (13 Campers)

Located along the ravine of the Chanslor gully, resting on a flat space, surrounded by hill. Comes equipped with a fireplace and picnic table....

Tiffany: Miwok was a fantastic spot! Large open area great for groups or the solo camper. This was my first camping trip alone and I...
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13. Overlook

82% Recommend (17 Campers)

Located on a small platueau off the path down to the valley, facing the ocean view. Fireplace and picnic table. Perfect for intimate groups....

Katie: What a great night! The office staff was hilarious and super helpful, and Craig was the MAN by delivering our wood straight to...
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Windhorse Tipi Camp
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14. Windhorse Tipi Camp

91% Recommend (16 Campers)

Located along the rising hill of the Chanslor vista with superior ocean views. Tent is equipped with 2 cots, plush cots pads, a lantern, a battery...

Jessica: This Tipi has a million dollar view of the Sonoma coast! It's a steep walk down the hill to the showers and water. That was the...
50 Saves
Bodega Dunes Campground

15. Bodega Dunes Campground

100% Recommend (9 Campers)

Wow. . . this place is HUGE! It’s an ok spread of sites and you will get some privacy, but you will also most likely see/hear your neighbors. You...

Bryn: Some of these campsites are super cool and some are average. Plan to get there early in the day so you have your choice. Either...
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16. Dove

83% Recommend (3 Campers)

Located on Chanslor's rolling hills, overlooking the ocean. Equipped with fireplace and picnic table. Can house up to 2 tents and 8 people. $60...

Madison: Chanslor Ranch is a beautiful property with sweeping views of the ocean and grassy hills. This site isn't very close to the...
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Old Homestead Camp
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17. Old Homestead Camp

100% Recommend (13 Campers)

Welcome to Casari Ranch - a 532 acre Agriculture Peserve, only 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean on the northern Californian coast. Pitch a tent for on...

Anne: Old Homestead Camp was INCREDIBLE. The property was so beautiful and diverse in both animal and plant inhabitants. Our site was...
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Camp Taylor Area

18. Camp Taylor Area

100% Recommend (11 Campers)

When it comes to camping at Samuel P Taylor, this is really the main event. More than 50 campsites with restrooms, hot pay showers and piped...

Alex: Sites 2-17 all have a frustratingly clear view of the major roadway Frances Drake Blvd, would recommend staying away if you're...
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Vista History Garden Yurt
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19. Vista History Garden Yurt

100% Recommend (16 Campers)

So it's March and Spring is sneaking into Winter's digs. But, wait. Winter is still the master here at the Mare Island Preserve. Join us for a...

Madison: This is one of my favorite Hipcamp properties, hands-down. It's perfect for a midweek adventure, being a 45 minute drive or...
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Valley View
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20. Valley View

Located on the edge of the hill overlooking the valley toward the ocean. Equipped with firepit and picnic table. It is good for large groups that...

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