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Theodore Roosevelt Lake
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The best camping near Theodore Roosevelt Lake, Arizona.

Arizona Mountain Vineyard
James: Camp in our beautiful vineyard in the small mountain town of Young, Arizona. Our town is completely...
Direct book$20/night
Lost Dutchman Campground
Daniel: Camped here over President's Day. Got really lucky and there was only 1 campsite open, hike in spot 3,...
Public campground
Upper Burnt Corral Campground
Scenic roads, mountain views, what more could you ask for? At Upper Burnt Corral Campground in the...
Public campground
Kellner Group Campground
Send out the invites 'cause Kellner Group Campground is not to be missed. Bring your family, in-laws,...
Public campground
Timber Camp Group Campground
Bring the crew to Timber Group Campground this summer for a back-to-basics adventure in Tonto National...
Public campground
Reynolds Creek Group Campground
In charge of planning your next family reunion? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Bring 150 of your...
Public campground
Frazier Group Campground
Imagine you and your 99 friends of choice hitting the water at dawn and fishing 'til your heart’s...
Public campground
Grapevine Group Campground
Kick off your epic adventure on Roosevelt Lake when you make Grapevine Group Campground your homebase...
Public campground
Tortilla Campground
This winter-only campground is all about those rugged bluffs, saguaro cactus, and always gorgeous...
Public campground
Riverside Campground
For a spectacular view of Bartlett Dam, you’ve got to take advantage of Riverside Campground. These...
Public campground
Jones Water Campground
Jones Water Campground is a little-known primitive site and great rest stop, with shady oaks and fire...
Public campground
Oak Flat Campground
After a day of cruisin’ the long, rolling hills of the Gila-Pinal Scenic Route, you’ll want to crash...
Public campground
Pinal & Upper Pinal Campground
Both the Pinal and Upper Pinal Campgrounds provide the cool, big-tree shade that all Southwesterners...
Public campground
Pioneer Pass Campground
That long climb up to Pinal Peak would pair nicely with a night under the stars at Pioneer Pass...
Public campground
Sulphide Del Rey Campground
Sulphide Del Rey sits at 6,000 feet under tall ponderosa pines, which translates to much cooler...
Public campground
Bagley Flat Campground
Bagley Flat Campground offers up sweet boat-in campsites on Saguaro Lake, which means you’ll have...
Public campground
The Point Campground
Boat in to your own ultra-private and cozy campout on Canyon Lake! The Point Campground is a three...
Public campground
Alderwood Campground
Brianah: You'll need 4x4
Public campground
Rose Creek Campground
Drew: I camped here September 24, 2017. Conditions were cold (the good kind of cold), and the campground was...
Public campground
Burnt Corral Campground
Halee: It's a great site. It can be busy on the weekends. I would suggest getting there early to pick out a g...
Public campground