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Lyman Lake State Park
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Starcamp 120
Starcamp 120
100% – 1 Response
Chauncey: A great escape, a fun drive in, and a pleasant feeling when arriving. The ground is soft, and the tree...
Request book $40/night
100% – 1 Response
Maddy: This was definitely remote and wild! It was so nice to be fully immersed in this gorgeous landscape. W...
Direct book $20/night
Camping near Petrified Forest
James: Pitch your tent and enjoy the views of the White Mountains to the south. There is a convince store and...
Direct book $30/night
High Desert Paradise In Arizona
Tl: You will be staying on our ranch. We have several areas to choose from and mostly ask that you don't...
Direct book $12/night
Poppi's Pearl
Andrew: We really enjoyed this stay, even though it was just a quick overnight stop! Poppi and her family warm...
Direct book $20/night
Tiny Town Arizona Yurts
Steve: Tiny Town Arizona is a 100-acre sustainable retreat space overlooking the White Mountains 20 miles...
Direct book $100/night
Tiny Town Arizona
Steve: Tiny Town Arizona is a 100-acre sustainable retreat space overlooking the White Mountains 20 miles...
Direct book $25/night
Howl At The Moon Koko Dog Ranch
Raj: Take your family and your dogs camping in the wilderness and howl at the moon.   Make some unique and...
Direct book $20/night
Pinetop Pines
Stephanie: Rustic, off the grid cabin. Perfect 2 bedroom/ 1 bath hideaway in the Pines is perfect for a summer...
Direct book $340/night
Arizona High Desert Seclusion
Ray: Pitch a tent or pull your camper out in the middle of the Arizona High Desert nestled among many...
Direct book $15/night
SDR Ranch
Richard: High desert tent or RV camping, totally off the grid!! But only 2. 5 miles of the pavement!!!
Direct book $15/night
Rolfe C. Hoyer Campground
Camping knows no age prejudice—and Rolfe C. Campground is proof of that. An easily accessible,...
Book externally
Lost Sheep Ranch
Corriell: Enjoy the Majestic View of the Shumway Valley. Located right next to the Apache sitgreaves National...
Direct book $5/night
Benny Creek Campground
Inundated by the spritzed breeze of the two neighboring bodies of water, Benny Creek and Bunch...
Book externally
Basic Off Grid Camping
Dj: This is a 160ac Horse Ranch.  We would like to share it with the people who enjoy old time living. We...
Request book $200/night
2+ Acr Campsite by Petrified Forest
Aleemuddin: 2. 5 Acres close to Petrified Forest in Adamana Arizona  2 Miles to the Petrified Forest National...
Direct book $5/night
Apache Trout Campground
Hook-ups and trailer-friendly campsites, huzzah! The newest campground along the Big Lake Recreational...
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Big Spin Ranch Petrified Forest
Rory: Beautiful dispersed camping on 18 acres of raw land overlooking the Painted Desert. Quiet, peaceful,...
Direct book $20/night
10 Lots no Zoning Apache County
Casey: Arizona Dreaming in the desert. right off the hwy surrounded by national park and reservations this is...
Direct book $10/night
14 Lots no Zoning Apache County
Casey: No Zoning– RV, Vans, Trailers, cabins, mobiles, Yurts etc… allowed. dirt road near parks and indian...
Direct book $10/night