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Sunny Cove State Marine Park

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Sunny Cove
Sunny Cove

Sunny Cove State Marine Park, Alaska

Snow-capped mountains. Rugged, lush forests. The mighty Pacific Ocean. We don’t know about you, but it sounds to us like Sunny Cove State Marine Park is calling. Perched right on the southern edge of Read more...
Snow-capped mountains. Rugged, lush forests. The mighty Pacific Ocean. We don’t know about you, but it sounds to us like Sunny Cove State Marine Park is calling. Perched right on the southern edge of Alaska’s Fox Island, this park offers jaw-dropping wilderness if you’re willing to make the journey to its marine-accessible setting. Visitors will be rewarded with epic views that perfectly encapsulate the rugged Alaskan beauty that we all dream of. If you’re into travelling by kayak, boat, or canoe, exploring Sunny Cove on the water is the perfect way to check out the scenery and marvel at the abundance of ocean-loving wildlife—including orcas, bald eagles, seals, and many, many more.
Sunny Cove Campground
Facing Callisto Head, Bear Glacial, and Kenal Fjords National Parks, Sunny Cove Campground is a...
Public campground
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Cozy Yurt nestled in the woods
Heather : We have 10 yurts nestled in the woods. 7 of them have queen sized beds and 3 have two bunkbeds...
Direct book$110/night
Russian River Campground

Russian River Campground

100% Recommend – 10 Responses
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Kingfisher Camp
Kingfisher: This is Waterfront Camping! It is also Sterling Hwy Frontage. This is an ideal spot for last minute...
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Caines Head Campground
Kourtney: Know the tide!
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Dale Clemens Cabin
Lost Lake is home to moose, bear, wolves, mountain goats, and a variety of birds and fish. It is also...
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Primrose Campground
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Lower Paradise Lake Cabin
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Upper Paradise Cabin
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Ptarmigan Campground
Ptarmigan Campground is a small, quiet campground in a wooded area along the banks of Ptarmigan Creek....
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Trail River Campground
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Upper Russian Lake Cabin
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Crescent Saddle Cabin
Hike, ski, or fly to this remote cabin on crescent lake, and you’ll be rewarded with trophy fishing...
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Aspen Flats Cabin
The last frontier in Alaska just might be here, along the shores of the Russian River between two...
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Crescent Lake Cabin
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Quartz Creek Campground
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Crescent Creek Campground
Set up a little home in the woods amongst the creeks and the trees and rest your weary soul in the...
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Barber Cabin
Lauren: Great little cabin. Includes a row boat, with oars and life jackets. It's a pretty easy hike in - we d...
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