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Stevens Village
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The best camping near Stevens Village, Alaska.

Dog Yard
Garden Space
Home Site
Training Dogs
Cute dog to pet.
Tracyann: We are excited to host you in your home away from home. Off the grid, hand built,...
Very romantic, yes
The Cattolico Tent
The Cattolico Tent
The Cattolico Tent
Kyia: Don't just see Alaska, feel it! Spend your stay in historic spruce pole prospector...
Summer solstice party
Mama Moose in the driveway
Birch Grove Tent Sites
Birch Grove Tent Sites
Gay Ellen
Gay Ellen: Pitch your tent under the birch trees, enjoy the communal fire ring, or perhaps grill...
Las Cabañas
Las Cabañas
Las Cabañas
Las Cabañas
Las Cabañas
Tyler: Enjoy a real Alaskan experience! Relax and unwind in a warm dry cabin in Fairbanks,...
We have newly furnished the cabin
Alaskan Aurora Cabins
The outhouse has a little heater and lights
Alaskan Aurora Cabins
Alaskan Aurora Cabins
Missy: This is a beautiful private property. It’s is a new cabin, just built last year. With...
South facing deck perfect for chilling!
Cozy livingroom
View from front door
Elevated bed with storage space underneath.
Dave: Quiet, warm, rustic cabin located in the Cripple Creek area west of Fairbanks.  15...
Comfy and cozy!
Enjoy the grounds too.
Easy fit for up to three adults, or perhaps if you are cleverly disguised as an adult?
View from the treehouse window toward the hostel.
A chilly welcome in April; as you can see, the (unheated!) treehouse is best visited from May through September, but it is also available in winter as a sheltered place for aurora watch, with an large, ideally located north facing window.
Gay Ellen
Gay Ellen: A simple, charming little treehouse, with access to the amenities of Glacier House...
The Coop Cabin!
The Coop Cabin
The sun sets over the 100-Year Outhouse
The Coop Cabin
Snowshoeing... Brr!
Eric: Have a true Alaskan experience as you cozy up in view of "The Big One. " You'll be a...
Denali Sunset
The Coop Camp
The Coop Camp
The sun sets over the 100-Year Outhouse
The Coop Camp
Eric: Have a true Alaskan experience as you tent it up in view of "The Great One. " You'll be...
The Aurora Borealis over the firepit
A family of local Beavers lives 200 feet upriver from the campground
Enjoying the early evening Aurora from the perch over the Salcha River
The fire pit area
Watching the Pleiades rise over the Salcha River
Nate: Situated along the Salcha River in interior Alaska, and easily accessible from the...

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