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Shoup Bay State Marine Park

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Shoup Bay

Shoup Bay State Marine Park, Alaska

Five miles southwest of the Port of Valdez, you’ll stumble upon Shoup Bay State Marine Park. And, you can quite literally stumble here—it’s the only state marine park in Prince William Sound that can Read more...
Five miles southwest of the Port of Valdez, you’ll stumble upon Shoup Bay State Marine Park. And, you can quite literally stumble here—it’s the only state marine park in Prince William Sound that can be accessed on foot. The anchorage in the bay isn’t the best, so entering on your own two feet isn’t a bad idea (small boats will be fine in the lagoon, but it can only be reached during high tide). Just look out for icebergs! The bay is well-known for a 150-foot tidal wave, and legend has it that it swelled in and out of the bay three times during the 1964 earthquake, which altered the bay’s landscape dramatically. Three public use cabins are available for rent, and you can also stargaze with all of your BFFs at the campsites along the eastern end of the lagoon, and a the base of the split at the eastern edge of the bay’s mouth. They’re all big enough to accommodate groups!
Shoup Bay Campground
Singles and groups, you’re gonna wanna Shoup, baby! Shoup Bay Campground offers a variety of basic...
Public campground
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