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Chugach National Forest

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Chugach National Forest, Alaska

Looking for a real life battle of fire and ice? Come to Chugach National Forest stretching from Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula to Prince William Sound to the Copper River delta, with so much magic in Read more...
Looking for a real life battle of fire and ice? Come to Chugach National Forest stretching from Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula to Prince William Sound to the Copper River delta, with so much magic in between that it will surely stay with you forever more. While you are here check out ancient glaciers like Portage and Child’s Glaciers, which once covered most of the land. Canoe in pristine lakes with icebergs chillin nearby, take a backcountry trip along Resurrection Pass Trail and stop in public use cabins along the way, or hop on a train or a raft and cruise through some seriously rugged countryside. In the summer don’t even think about missing the sockeye salmon run in the Russian River to catch a 10-12 pounder, or just bring the camera and observe the incredible phenomenon up close. This land is like no other and you best be gettin up here to see for yourself!
Shelter Bay Cabin
Planning a romantic getaway? Bring your outdoor-lovin’ sweetie to this secluded cabin on Hinchinbrook...
Public campground
Double Bay Cabin
Here’s a plan for you. Pack up all your camping gear except a tent. Throw in drinking water, firewood,...
Public campground
Jack Bay Cabin
Jack Bay Cabin is rustic and remote with great views of the bay. Visitors often spot harbor seals and...
Public campground
Hook Point Cabin
One stay at Hook Point Cabin and you will surely be hooked. Located on Hinchinbrook Island, this place...
Public campground
Green Island Cabin
Want something different for your next adventure? How about taking a boat or floatplane to Green...
Public campground
Port Chalmers Cabin
Port Chalmers Cabin is a remote and rustic shelter on Montague Island. The cabin sits on a grassy...
Public campground
McKinley Lake Cabin
On the shore of the northwest end of McKinley Lake, this remote cabin is your one stop shop for...
Public campground
Power Creek Cabin
Deep, dark forests, glacier-fed streams full of coho salmon, and jagged, snow-capped peaks. It’s...
Public campground
Coghill Lake Cabin
Here it is! Your happy place! In other words, a sweet A-frame cabin on College Fjord in Prince William...
Public campground
Beach River Cabin
Sometimes you might prefer to have four walls separating you from all the wild untamed land in Alaska....
Public campground
Tiedeman Slough
Hop a float plane to Tiedeman Slough Cabin for a true taste of wilderness and adventure. With no...
Public campground
Shrode Lake Cabin
For a true backcountry experience in summer or winter, finagle your way into the Shrode Lake Cabin on...
Public campground
Harrison Lagoon Cabin
Cabin in the woods? Yes please. Cabin in the woods with Prince William Sound as your backdrop,...
Public campground
Paulson Bay Cabin
Hey, kayakers! Camp at the secluded Paulson Bay Cabin, an ideal location to explore the bay and...
Public campground
Pigot Bay Cabin
Pigot Bay Cabin sits on a secluded 12-foot tall bluff overlooking the bay, with views of mountains and...
Public campground
Nellie Martin River Cabin
For the taste of Alaska that will keep you coming back, head to the edge of the Nellie Martin River on...
Public campground
Log Jam Bay Cabin
Log Jam Bay Cabin is perfect for campers looking for a remote experience in a rugged landscape. The...
Public campground
McKinley Trail Cabin
Explore the Copper River Delta from your base camp in the Chugach National Forest. It’s not remote...
Public campground
San Juan Bay Cabin
If you really want to escape from the modern world, hijack a wheel plane at low tide and head out to...
Public campground
Williwaw Campground
Keep your eyes peeled at Williwaw Campground in the Chugach National Forest because there is a lot to...
Public campground
Black Bear Campground
Grab the tent, the camera, and the binocs and hit up Black Bear Campground for some rustic camping...
Public campground
Childs Glacier Recreation Area
Get out there and get wild with a camping trip to Child’s Glacier recreation site. Tent campers (and...
Public campground
Upper Paradise Cabin
Upper Paradise Cabin really has it all right there in the name. But you’ve gotta work for it! This...
Public campground
Lower Paradise Lake Cabin
With a name like Paradise Lake, who can resist? This secluded alpine lake is calling your name, and...
Public campground
Martin Lake Cabin
Just a 30 minute floatplane ride from Cordova is a remote and primitive cabin on the pristine Martin...
Public campground
Softuk Bar Cabin
If you can get yourself on a wheel plane at low tide, you can crash at an awesome, primitive cabin in...
Public campground
Crow Pass Cabin
Kourtney: There is a deep river crossing.
Public campground
Bertha Creek Campground
Camping, fishing, and gold panning. Jackpot! Bring your tent, trailer, or small RV to Bertha Creek...
Public campground
Granite Creek Campground
Camp alongside a rushing, glacier fed creek with views of the Kenai Mountains at Granite Creek...
Public campground
Russian River Campground
Calling all anglers! The Russian River Campground is a fisherman’s paradise. This particular spot...
Public campground
Ptarmigan Campground
Ptarmigan Campground is a small, quiet campground in a wooded area along the banks of Ptarmigan Creek....
Public campground
Trail River Campground
Trail River Campground is a great spot for anglers looking for some stunning mountain scenery. The...
Public campground
Primrose Campground
Clara: Primrose is a great campground for car camping! The plots provide some privacy and are well off the hi...
Public campground
Tenderfoot Creek Campground
You’ll have stunning mountain views in every direction from Tenderfoot Creek Campground, and some...
Public campground
Crescent Saddle Cabin
Hike, ski, or fly to this remote cabin on crescent lake, and you’ll be rewarded with trophy fishing...
Public campground
Coeur D'Alene Campground
Camping in an alpine valley in Alaska? Yes please! Get away from the hustle and bustle and practice...
Public campground
Dale Clemens Cabin
Lost Lake is home to moose, bear, wolves, mountain goats, and a variety of birds and fish. It is also...
Public campground
Crescent Lake Cabin
Recommended for the hardiest of adventurers, Crescent Lake Cabin is located in the remote mountains of...
Public campground
Caribou Creek Cabin
Fancy panning for gold or hunting big game? Alaska’s rugged adventures are beyond compare, and you can...
Public campground
Crescent Creek Campground
Set up a little home in the woods amongst the creeks and the trees and rest your weary soul in the...
Public campground
Porcupine Campground
When you camp at Porcupine Campground brace yourself for some eye-popping views. Don’t forget your...
Public campground
Fox Creek Cabin
Whether you fancy summer berry picking or cross-country skiing when winter takes hold, you can catch...
Public campground
East Creek Cabin
Resurrection Pass Trail is a thoroughfare for wildlife and hikers craving adventurous jaunts in the...
Public campground
Quartz Creek Campground
You’ll find Quartz Creek Campground between Kenai Lake and Quartz Creek with some small spruce trees...
Public campground
Devil's Pass Cabin
Minimum accommodations, maximum adventure. Devil’s Pass Cabin sits in an alpine meadow near the...
Public campground
Swan Lake Cabin
Swan Lake Cabin is a rustic, remote camping spot on south-central Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. And when...
Public campground
Juneau Lake Cabin
Lauren: This is one of the nicest cabins you can rent on the Kenai, but it's also a long hike in. The lake has...
Public campground
Romig Cabin
An angler’s paradise, Romig Cabin overlooks scenic Juneau Lake in south-central Alaska’s mountain...
Public campground
West Swan Lake Cabin
Wilderness living is a graceful ballet at West Swan Lake Cabin. This rustic little home amongst the...
Public campground
Trout Lake Cabin
Anglers and boaters will love Trout Lake Cabin. The log cabin sits on the small Trout Lake, filled...
Public campground
Cooper Creek Campground
There’s camping, and then there’s camping with a side of salmon fishing. Picture your days spent at...
Public campground
Upper Russian Lake Cabin
The quintessential cabin in the wood, Upper Russian Lake Cabin sets you just a small ways back from. ....
Public campground
Barber Cabin
Lauren: Great little cabin. Includes a row boat, with oars and life jackets. It's a pretty easy hike in - we d...
Public campground
Aspen Flats Cabin
The last frontier in Alaska just might be here, along the shores of the Russian River between two...
Public campground
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Kingfisher Camp
Kingfisher: This is Waterfront Camping! It is also Sterling Hwy Frontage. This is an ideal spot for last minute...
Direct book$15/night
Eco Green Leaves
Kathryn: Eco Green Community, pop a tent or stay in the off grid tiny Chalet right in Anchorage Alaska , close...
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Government Peak Campground
Assuming you’re not a paranoid conspiracy theorist, you’ll find a lot to love at Government Peak...
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Lakefront Remote Alaska Lodge!
Kevin: Welcome to Backcountry Warriors in Beautiful Willow, Alaska! This is an amazing location! Lakefront,...
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Gold Mint Trailhead
Gold Mint Campground is a tiny treasure that puts you right in the way of some outstanding scenery. If...
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Riverside Salmon Cabin
Peter: We are open fall and winter and accessible with a car.  Ski, hike, or just relax listening to the...
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Nancy Lake State Recreation Site Campground
Nestled in the Susitna River Valley, Nancy Lake State Recreation Site Campground is a prime spot for...
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Nancy Lake Canoe Trail Campground
If you’re a canoeing addict looking to make the most of a getaway, Nancy Lake Canoe Trail Campground...
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South Rolly Lake Campground
Get ready for serious wildlife-viewing at South Rolly Lake Campground. This relatively large...
Public campground
Possum Creek
Michael: 10% discount for bookings before January 6th -- message me first! :)Hike through the Birch - Spruce...
Direct book$32/night