Jackson Lake

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About Jackson Lake

Colorado isn’t just all mountains, ya know? East of Denver lies the high plains and there you’ll find Jackson Lake, dubbed an “oasis.” And an oasis it is! With one of the best state park beaches in America you can escape the summer heat at their kick-butt swimming beach or troll the waters by boat for the perfect swimming cove or summer cutie! Break a sweat by taking your off road vehicle down the awesome OHV trails or fish from the pier for your dinner. Camps are comfy for a few people or big groups and you can even tie the knot here! You may be in the high desert out here at Jackson Lake, but you’ll have all kinds of fun knowing you already found paradise.

Campgrounds in Jackson Lake

North view
Home to only a handful of campsites, Northview Campground is a shaded oasis from the otherwise lake’s...
Jackson Lake State Parks most plentiful campground, Fox Hill Campground offers easily accessible...
Hugging the welcoming sands of Jackson Lake, Sandpiper Campground is teeming with both back-in and...
Located within the vicinity of Jackson Lake’s award-winning beaches, Cove Campground is a sparsely...
Often given the moniker “Oasis of the Plains,” Jackson Lake State Park is a renowned site for...
We’re all about that lakeside lifestyle and Lakeside Campground is, quintessentially, the coming...


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Jackson Lake
June 5th, 2015
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History of Jackson Lake

Land around the reservoir was used for agricultural purposes for several decades. It wasn’t until 1962 that the area began to see recreational use. The State of Colorado purchased property around the reservoir and managed the area as a hunting and fishing sanctuary.In 1965, the Colorado Game, Fish and Parks Department assumed responsibility for the recreational facilities at Jackson Lake Reservoir, and Jackson Lake State Park was born. Today Jackson Lake State Park is known as an “oasis in the plains.” Park visitors come to enjoy some of the best boating, fishing, swimming and water skiing conditions in Colorado. With 3,303 acres of land and water to explore, Jackson Lake State Park is truly paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.