Gunnison National Forest

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About Gunnison National Forest

Wow, this is post card country! The beauty of the Gunnison National Forest has been referenced in cult country music classics. It is a place where Aspen trees turn to gold, the moon silhouettes rocky craigs, whiskey flows through the creeks, wildflowers flourish in the Spring, and unicorns run wild (not actually confirmed, but dream with us). What’s more is there is ample camping, fishing, hiking, rock-climbing, rock hounding, and scenic driving against a backdrop of jaw-dropp’n mountain peaks. The Gunnison National Forest covers over 1,600,000 acres and features some of the most spectacular terrain west of the Continental Divide. Time to escape the commercialization and discover what true wealth is all about!

Campgrounds in Gunnison

Cement Creek Campground

1. Cement Creek Campground

Just like your favorite coffee shop that you only tell close friends about, Cement Creek Campground flies under the radar. It’s rarely crowded and...

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Almont Campground

2. Almont Campground

Take in gorge-ous scenery at Almont Campground in the stunning Rocky Mountain region! Stretching out along the Gunnison River and surrounded by...

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Mirror Lake Campground

3. Mirror Lake Campground

Bliss out on high-end mountain scenery at Mirror Lake Campground, a top destination for intense outdoor enthusiasts. Express your love for Mother...

Kim: Mirror lake is gorgeous. is chock full of ATVs which arrive there on the longest, roughest three mile boulder strewn...
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Lakeview Campground

4. Lakeview Campground

Kokanee salmon and Sagebrush. Ponderosa Pine and Northern Pike. Sawatch Mountains and Pontoon Boats. If this list sounds like poetry to your ears,...

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Rosy Lane Campground

5. Rosy Lane Campground

Just another perfect campground in the Gunnison National Forest, Rosy Lane Campground lies on the banks of the scenic Taylor River. Aspen and pine....

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Lake Irwin Campground

6. Lake Irwin Campground

Flanked on both sides by the Ruby Mountain Range and Lake Irwin herself, Lake Irwin campground provides everything you need to refresh, restore,...

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Lost Lake Campground-Paonia

7. Lost Lake Campground-Paonia

Designed for low-key recreation and an ideal place for families, popular Lost Lake Campground is all about making the most of what Mother Nature...

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Snowblind Campground

8. Snowblind Campground

For off-road drivers of all varieties or those who just wanna take in some major-league mountain scenery, Snowblind Campground is the complete...

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North Bank Campground

9. North Bank Campground

A campground worthy of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s approval, North Bank Campground is where you’ll want to stay if you’re planning on fishing in...

Williams Creek Campground- Gunnison

10. Williams Creek Campground- Gunnison

Calling all anglers and adrenaline junkies! With easy access to the Cataract Gulch Trailhead and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison Rivers, Williams...

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Lottis Creek Campground

11. Lottis Creek Campground

Two miles north of the Fossil Wilderness Area, Lottis Creek Campground is a prime destination for anglers, hikers and four-wheelers. If your main...

Mj: We tent camped here. This is a beautiful site across a quiet street from the Taylor River. Most of the river within walking...
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Soap Creek Campground

12. Soap Creek Campground

With access to Coal Mesa Trailhead and equestrian facilities nearby, Soap Creek Campground is a convenient stop for both intrepid explorers of the...

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McClure Campground

13. McClure Campground

One of the smaller, less-overrun places to stay in Gunnison National Forest, McClure Campground offers simple, rustic camping spots close to Lee...

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Mosca Campground

14. Mosca Campground

It’s a no-brainer to stay at Mosca Campground—a beautiful, out-of-the-way spot on Spring Creek Reservoir. But a serious choice remains: How fast do...

Spring Creek Campground

15. Spring Creek Campground

Ace hiking in the Fossil Ridge Wilderness and superb fishing in the Taylor River make Spring Creek Campground a highly in-demand spot, so grab a...

Rivers End Campground

16. Rivers End Campground

Sitting at the north end of Taylor Park Reservoir, Rivers End Campground has easy access to the reservoir via a fishing site. There’s also a...

Lodgepole Campground

17. Lodgepole Campground

Looking for a wilderness mecca? The Lodgepole Campground is a private and shady spot to explore the Taylor River Canyon. Rafting, hiking, and...

Quartz Campground

18. Quartz Campground

Just west of the Sawatch Mountain Range in the southern part of a mineral belt, Quartz Campground is used by many folks looking to do some...

Big Blue Campground

19. Big Blue Campground

Big Blue Campground sure, but mega-ginormous, super-duper shimmering blue campground, now that’s more like it! This often-underrated gem of the...

Dinner Station Campground

20. Dinner Station Campground

Grab the young'ns, saddle up those ponies and board your stagecoach for Dinner Station Campground in the Upper Taylor Park area. Your stagecoach is...

Dorchester Campground

21. Dorchester Campground

Located at the upper end of Taylor Park amongst pine trees and riparian meadows, Dorchester Campground is great for select recreational...

One Mile Campground

22. One Mile Campground

You won’t have to hike another mile at One Mile Campground (unless you want to). Just hang your hammock between the Aspens, and lay by the banks of...

Deer Lakes Campground

23. Deer Lakes Campground

Popular with anglers for its easy fishing access and scenic location, Deer Lakes Campground is a high elevation site with predominantly aspen...

Erickson Springs Campground

24. Erickson Springs Campground

Resting at a very respectable elevation of 6,800 feet, Erickson Springs Campground is shrouded in a dense spruce and fir forest near Anthracite...

Pitkin Campground

25. Pitkin Campground

A popular spot to stay if you’re planning on some four-wheel drive action, Pitkin Campground gives you great access to many high-clearance roads in...


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June 5th, 2015
June 5th, 2015
June 5th, 2015
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Hipcamper Kim

Mirror lake is gorgeous. is chock full of ATVs which arrive there on the longest, roughest three mile boulder strewn road I've been on in years. The nearby trails are intended for ATVs so plan on jumping off the trail when you hear them coming. It's great that there's a place that's intended for this kind of outdoor pursuit, but if that's not your thing, you may feel a bit overrun.

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Hipcamper MJ

We tent camped here. This is a beautiful site across a quiet street from the Taylor River. Most of the river within walking distance is private. The sites are roomy and feel private. Most have fire rings.

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