Grand Mesa National Forest

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About Grand Mesa National Forest

Pick your mode of transportation--skis, snowmobiles, bikes, feet--and Grand Mesa National Forest is guaranteed to have a trail for that! Over 3,500 miles of trails to be exact. Not that you could ever get bored with that, but if you wanna hop off the trail there’s loads of fishing and epic swimming holes in the park. The mesa views are incredible so be sure to bring extra batteries for your camera, or whatever device/charger combo you tow. And for adrenaline junkies there’s world class rock and ice climbing nestled in some of the best smelling pine forests in the world. Breathe in, and soak in Grand Mesa, your senses will thank you.

Campgrounds in Grand Mesa

Thistledown Campground - Ouray

1. Thistledown Campground - Ouray

Popular with hikers, nature-viewers and all-around explorer-types, Thistledown Campground is a convenient base of operations for connecting with...

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Gothic Campground

2. Gothic Campground

Gothic Campground is any adrenaline junkie’s toast and jam whether or not you garb in strictly black and consume a steady diet of Robert Smith....

Matt: First come, first serve. Better hurry on the weekends to find a primo spot! Beautiful drive in and gorgeous meadows filled with...
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Jumbo Campground

3. Jumbo Campground

Colorado’s Grand Mesa is the land of a bajillion lakes. Okay, so maybe it’s closer to 300. Either way, that’s a lot of lakes to camp out at! Jumbo...

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Spruce Grove Campground - Grand Valley

4. Spruce Grove Campground - Grand Valley

If you like your camping simple and magical, allow yourself to be swept away by a fairy-tale forest getaway at Spruce Grove Campground, one of...

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Moose Manor

5. Moose Manor

Come and play Forest Ranger at Moose Cabin--a 1930s homestead that was built to house rangers, before it was turned into a freakin’ awesome little...

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Hidden Valley Tent Campground

6. Hidden Valley Tent Campground

Prepare to get in-tents! Hidden Valley Tent Campground situated in a sparsely populated alpine area is an ultra-crunchy oasis quenching the thirst...

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Granite Tent Campground

7. Granite Tent Campground

You’ll want to perfect your tent-pitching skills before you pull up to Granite Tent Campground. Who wants to waste time figuring out how this pole...

Iron Springs Campground

8. Iron Springs Campground

Options are unlimited at Iron Springs Campground! Perched on the Eastern end of the Uncompahgre Plateau, this little gem rests among a fragrant...

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Middle Quartz Campground

9. Middle Quartz Campground

For an off-the-cuff, literally freewheeling ORV experience, head on over to Middle Quartz Campground. The bare minimum is provided here, so you’ll...

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Spruce Campground

10. Spruce Campground

Spruce Campground is a hidden gem destination for savvy campers who can provide for all their own needs. With opportunities for fishing and big...

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Columbine Campground

11. Columbine Campground

This small campground is lightly used and free, so you already know it’s a winner. You won’t find much in the way of amenities--there’s no drinking...

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Angel Creek Campground

12. Angel Creek Campground

What Angel Creek Campground lacks in size, it makes up for in location. The small, eight-site campground is located along the banks of Canyon...

Jonah: I went during the winter when there was about 4ft of snow. Although it was very could it was a lot of fun. The campground is...
Big Creek Campground

13. Big Creek Campground

Honestly, you’d have to try to be bored at Big Creek Campground. The campground boasts campsites that sit near Big Creek Reservoir, which means...

Little Bear Campground

14. Little Bear Campground

At Little Bear Campground, among the towering spruce trees between Island Lake and Grand Mesa Scenic Byway, you won’t feel the least bit crowded or...

Ward Lake Campground - Grand Valley

15. Ward Lake Campground - Grand Valley

You’ll have it made in the shade at Ward Lake Campground. Sitting pretty at 10,200 feet, the campground itself intermingles with the shores of...

Weir and Johnson Campground - Grand Valley

16. Weir and Johnson Campground - Grand Valley

Colorado offers plenty of options for high altitude camping, and Weir and Johnson Campground is right in the mix. At 10,500 feet, the air may be a...

Crag Crest Campground

17. Crag Crest Campground

You can call yourself Spruce Springsteen once you visit Crag Crest Campground in Grand Mesa National Forest. At 10,000 elevation, spruce trees line...

Cobbett Campground

18. Cobbett Campground

Wedged between Cobbett Lake and Arch Slough Reservoir (with the larger Deep Ward Lake super close by), the 20 campsites at Cobbett Campground are...

Cold Spring Campground

19. Cold Spring Campground

Can we get a “hell yeah!” for rustic simplicity? If that’s what you’re looking for, then Cold Spring will be your jam. This small campground is...

Cottonwood Lake Campground

20. Cottonwood Lake Campground

If you need to beat the heat of summer, skip the lake vacation, and head way up into the mountains to Cottonwood Lake Campground. There’s a lake up...

Divide Forks Campground

21. Divide Forks Campground

Get off the grid, and on to the grit and glory of the fee-free, sans-frills Divide Forks Campground. Enjoy the simplicity of the tried-and-true,...

Gold Creek Campground

22. Gold Creek Campground

There is nothing mellow about the zesty, overjoyed yellow leaves of the Quaking Alpines. There are plenty to behold in the Gold Creek Campground in...

Island Lake Campground

23. Island Lake Campground

May the forest be with you! One of the few campgrounds in Grand Mesa National Forest not located on the lake, Island Lake Campground goers are...


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Grand Mesa
December 31st, 2015
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Hipcamper Matt

First come, first serve. Better hurry on the weekends to find a primo spot! Beautiful drive in and gorgeous meadows filled with flowers in the summertime. Pretty picturesque place to pitch the tent for the night.

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Hipcamper Jonah

I went during the winter when there was about 4ft of snow. Although it was very could it was a lot of fun. The campground is beautiful and I would highly recommend it to others. Great because it is close to the town of Ouray but far enough away to get the feel of really being out there. A few houses close by but still a very quite and beautiful area.

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History of Grand Mesa National Forest

Originally called Battlement Mesa Forest Reserve, created by Benjamin Harrison on December 24, 1892, it was the third forest reserve created in United States. It is the largest flatop mountain in the world.