Arapaho National Forest

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About Arapaho National Forest

Straddling the great continental divide, Arapaho National Forest is a playground for anyone who loves the outdoors with quick access to Boulder and Denver. Wanna ski in your skivvies? Spring break at one of the three ski resorts that operate within the forest (Winter Park, Loveland and Eldora). Who needs the beach? Under sunny summer skies you can conquer Mt. Evans or take a dip in crystal clear mountain lakes. Between the wildlife (moose and big horn sheep are abundant) and scenic mountain drives, your mind = blown! Tons of camping options will put the cherry on your trip. Arapaho is a kaleidoscope of color and activity in any season, a real Colorado gem.

Campgrounds in Arapaho

Guanella Pass Campground
Come camp by ghost towns and old wagon trails at Guanella Pass Campground and get in touch with your...
Arapaho Bay Campground
Sheer beauty is the only way to properly describe the brilliant blue of Lake Granby from Lake Arapaho...
Denver Creek Campground
Solitude is your favorite companion at Denver Creek Campground, where you’ll findbasic amenities,...
Mizpah Campground
Christopher: Campground is closed for 2016. FS Website-"Campground is closed for the 2016 season due to a culvert...
West Chicago Creek Campground
If hiking or fishing is the name of your game, West Chicago Creek Campground is the perfect place to...
Cold Springs Picnic
Nestle into groves of aspen and lodgepole pine at Cold Springs Picnic Campground. At an elevation of...
Echo Lake Campground
Come shout it out at Echo Lake Campground, named after its namesake lake at the base of Mount Evans....
Columbine Campground
On the road again… on Colorado’s Peak to Peak Scenic Byway? Come rest your travell’n bones in the...
Green Ridge Campground
Sandwiched between the shores of the Colorado River and Shadow Mountain Reservoir, the Green River...
Horseshoe Campground
Coincidence that this campground is named after one serious lucky item? We think not. Horseshoe...
Sawmill Gulch Campground
The ultimate getaway in the outdoors? Look no further than Sawmill Gulch Campground! With only a few...
South Fork Campground
Is your horse getting bored of the same old trails back home? South Fork Campground is the place for...
Stillwater Campground
RV there yet? Stillwater Campground situated on the northern shore of Lake Granby boasts some of the...
South Fork Group Campground
Slip away from it all at South Fork Campground in picturesque north central Coloradie! The only...
St. Louis Creek Campground
Welcome to St. Louis Campground where the fires always hot, and the good times flow like a cool...
Sugarloaf Campground
Sugarloaf Campground is great if you’re looking to pick up a few extra tan lines and can be found...
Willow Creek Campground
Located next to Willow Creek Reservoir at over 8,000 feet of elevation, Willow Creek Campground is the...
Cutthroat Bay Group
Now, we know you have more than 50 BFFS, but you are going to have to get a cutthroat (see what we did...
Clear Lake Campground
Cami: This campground was great mostly because of its location. I love the little town Idaho Springs about...
Sunset Point Campground
Catch a grand sunset over Grand Lake in the most magnificent way! Set up camp at Sunset Point...
Pickle Gulch Group Campground
As you leave your car and the modern world for the lodgepole pines of Pickle Gulch Group Campground,...
Robbers Roost Campground
Relax in the wilderness retreat that surrounds Robbers Roost Campground: hike the gorgeous trails or...
Idlewild Campground
Mountain biking has never been so possible! Idlewild Campground—possibly the most beautiful/fun name...


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Hipcamper Christopher

Campground is closed for 2016. FS Website-"Campground is closed for the 2016 season due to a culvert failure and associated road damage."

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Hipcamper Cami

This campground was great mostly because of its location. I love the little town Idaho Springs about 20 minutes away (if you go there, get Beau Jo's pizza--it will change your life). The drive up to the campground was gorgeous (Guanella Pass). We stayed there early July and were freezing still, so dress warm! The bathrooms there are more like porter potties, so I recommend just going behind a tree to avoid the stench! Would love to stay here again during my trips to the colorful Colorado!

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History of Arapaho National Forest

The forest is located in the Rocky Mountains, straddling the continental divide in the Front Range west of Denver. It was established on July 1, 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt and named for the Arapaho tribe of Native Americans which previously inhabited the Colorado Eastern Plains.