Plumas National Forest

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About Plumas National Forest

Plumas National Forest is no joke. 1,146,000 acres, towering mountains, dozens and dozens of lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, we could go on and on. Any outdoor activity you’re searching for can probably be found here. Wherever you happen to wander in the park, you’re never too far from an amazing lake or an epic trail. For reference, the Pacific Coast Trail runs straight through this baby, and there are more than 20 lakes in just one of the park’s districts. Right near the Sierra Nevadas, Plumas is a perfect spot for those of you looking to avoid Tahoe crowds and still have a sweet time outdoors.

Campgrounds in Plumas

Lakes Basin Campground
Eric: This campground is often confused with Gold Lake.
Feather Falls Trailhead Campground
Feather River Falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls to view in Northern California just outside...
Black Rock Walk-in Tent Campground
Black Rock Campground Walk-in Tent Campground ain’t no Black Rock City, but the views will certainly...
Queen Lily Campground
Queen Lily Campground is quiet, serene campground in Plumas National Forest. You’re in bear country,...
Sly Creek Campground
Tiptoe around Sly Creek Campground and you’ll find many secluded beaches and choice fishing spots...
Hallsted Campground
Embrace the refreshing escape at Hallsted Campground. With front row seats along the Feather River,...
Frenchman Campground
Charise: Very thick mud when water levels are low.
Gold Lake 4x4 Campground
Jesse: Fantastic place. Got there in stock 4X4 truck. Lake is beautiful and plenty of space for family around...
Lone Rock Campground
Kick back and enjoy the pristine views of the glassy lake at this gem of a spot. Lone Rock Campground...
Long Point Campground
Tucked away inside the Antelope Lake Recreation Area, Long Point Campground offers the outdoor...
Red Feather Campground
Red Feather Campground is one of eight campgrounds in the area with dozens of single-family sites for...
Mill Creek Campground
Mill Creek Campground is located on the northern end of Bucks Lake near Mill Creek. Build a castle on...
Lower Bucks Campground
Lower Bucks Campground sits on the small Lower Bucks Lake, just a short walk to the large and scenic...
Grizzly Creek Campground
Grizzly Creek Campground sits in a wooded area near the creek and is a popular camping spot during...
Rogers Cow Camp
Rogers Cow Camp is a small rustic campground that’ll make you feel like you really escaped reality....
Little North Fork Campground
Named for its location on the Middle Fork Feather River, Little North Fork Campground has recently...
Little Beaver Campground
Time to slap your trail in the water for some summer fun at Little Beaver Campground on the east bank...
Peninsula Tent Campground
Grab the skillet cause you better be cooking up some pancakes on Pancake Beach! Peninsula Tent...
Laufman Campground
Located four miles southeast of Milford, Laufman Camp is a small, modest campground. Nearby Honey...
Gold Lake Campground
With a name deserving of the landscape, Gold Lake Campground is located just 9 miles southwest of...
Big Cove Campground
With a desirable location for water recreation, Big Cove Campground has a variety of sites. Some of...
Crocker Campground
Popular with deer hunters, Crocker Campground is a modest camp located 10 miles northeast of the tiny...
Goose Lake Campground
Kelsi: This camp spot is so fun with a (bigger) group of friends. There are at least 10 spots (drive up)...
Haven Lake Campground
Access breathtaking scenery and over 20 small lakes when you stay at Haven Lake Campground. The area...
Cottonwood Springs
One, two, three steps and you’re at Frenchman Lake from the Cottonwood Springs Campground! Summer...
Strawberry Campground
Strawberry Campground is on the banks of Sly Creek near the Sly Creek Reservoir. The reservoir is...
Silver Lake Campground
Karissa: You can't swim a Silver Lake (it's a reservoir) But its open to boating (paddle) and fishing. Amazing...
Conklin Park Campground
If you need some time alone or with a special someone, you might consider Conklin Park Campground....
Deanes Valley Campground
Deanes Valley Campground sits in the Meadow Valley area of Plumas National Forest. This campground is...
Chilcoot Campground
Escape the crowds and settle in at Chilcoot Campground, one of five campgrounds located at the...
Golden Trout Campground
The South Fork Feather River in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a camping gem where...
Boulder Creek Campground
Oh. My. Gawd. Becky, check out this scenery. Ancient glaciers, mountain lakes, vast granite peaks,...
Grizzly Campground
Black bears do frequent the area but this large, family campground is plenty safe, just take...
Grasshopper Flat Campground
One of three family campgrounds, Grasshopper Flat Campground is the turnkey experience for turning on...
Horse Camp
Horse Camp is exactly like it sounds: a camp for equestrians. Located in the Northern Sierra Nevada...
Meadow View Equestrian Campground
Emma: Excellent no fee campground. Only six sites, but we were alone. Water pump and vault toilets...
Greenville Campground
Greenville Campground sits in a forested area in Indian Valley. The campground is near the town of...
Big Cove Overflow
Just off Galeppi Creek, Big Cove is an overflow campground open only when all other campgrounds in the...
Gansner Bar Campground
Gansner Bar Campground is a shady and quiet spot that sits on the north fork of Feather River. Enjoy...
Black Mountain Lookout
A fresh perspective does the heart solid. If you’re feeling flush, book the Black Mountain Lookout...
Whitehorse Campground
Just a few miles away from the action at Bucks Lake, this site will offer the piney, forested...
Running Deer Campground
Get right in the thick of it--the thick of pine and fir forest that is--at Running Deer Campground....
Lightning Tree Campground
Round up the brothers, sisters, cousins and pets and head out to Lightning Tree Campground where the...
Spring Creek Campground
What is 500 feet from Frenchman Lake, and has unbeatable views of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada...
Brady's Camp Campground
Brady’s Camp Campground is a favorite for deer hunters during hunting season. This forested campground...
Snake Lake Campground
Snake Lake Campground sits in a shady, forested area in Meadow Valley. Spend your day fishing and...
Rock Creek Campground
Rock Creek Campground sits in a forested area near East Branch Rock Creek. This campground is a...
North Fork Campground
North Fork Campground sits in an open area without much shade. There is great fishing nearby, and you...
Sundew Campground
Sundew Campground sits on the banks of beautiful Bucks Lake. Work up an appetite swimming or...


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Hipcamper Karissa

You can't swim a Silver Lake (it's a reservoir) But its open to boating (paddle) and fishing. Amazing swimmable lakes are just a quick hike away in the bucks lake wilderness (trail right out of campground).

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Hipcamper Hipcamper

Looking for a great day BBQ spot? We’d recommend Sandy Point in Buck’s Lake Recreation Area. Lots of tables and grills, and a great picnic area near the beach!

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Hipcamper Hipcamper

Some of the lakes here are high elevation, we’re talking like 5,000 ft. up, so if it’s 90 degrees out, the lakeside weather is probably warm and breezy.

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Hipcamper Hipcamper

Little Grass Valley Reservoir is perfect for kayakers and rowers of all types. Its got spacious, pine-shaded campsites, and plenty of water sport options.

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Hipcamper Hipcamper

If you’re big into hiking, definitely check out the epic Pacific Crest Trail while you’re out there! It’s famous for stretching all the way from Canada to Mexico.

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Hipcamper Hipcamper

Headed to Frenchman Lake Recreation Area? For a shady spot, definitely get there early. Also, be aware that Big Cove, Cottonwood Springs, and Chilcoot are the campgrounds with flushing toilets.

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Hipcamper Hipcamper

Zip your tents! Especially in summer months, there are quite a lot of moths in the area that would be more than happy to camp with you.

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Hipcamper Emma

Excellent no fee campground. Only six sites, but we were alone. Water pump and vault toilets available. Each campsite has a picnic table (excellent condition), fire ring, and food storage locker. Cows roam free and moo at all hours of the day. We awoke to hoof prints around our camp in the morning.

Hipcamper Jesse

Fantastic place. Got there in stock 4X4 truck. Lake is beautiful and plenty of space for family around site. Very clean with 14 day limit & no fees. No garbage or water. OK to burn in fire pit (new grill too). Bear boxes at every site.

Hipcamper Kelsi

This camp spot is so fun with a (bigger) group of friends. There are at least 10 spots (drive up) surrounding the lake and also easy access off the main road. We brought floaties, kayaks, and SUPs to take out on the lake. There is plenty of hiking and mountain biking actives near by. Do not miss the fire tower hike!! There are bathrooms available close walking distance from all the sites but bring your own water! The sites are clean and well equipped with fire pits and picnic tables.

Hipcamper Eric

This campground is often confused with Gold Lake.

History of Plumas National Forest

Under the direction of President Theodore Roosevelt, Plumas was established as the Plumas Forest Reserve by the General Land Office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture on March 27, 1905. In 1906 the forest was transferred to the U.S. Forest Service, and on March 4, 1907 it became a National Forest. On July 1, 1908 a portion of Diamond Mountain National Forest was added. The Bucks Lake Wilderness was officially designated in 1984 as a part of the National Wilderness Preservation System.