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Have you ever seen the Milky Way Galaxy, I mean, in high resolution, full color?


These are walk in campsites -- anywhere you want to walk in from 1/2 mile, onward as long as you don't camp in "Base Camp." 

There is also designated camping in a special spot called "Isolation Point" which is a 4 mile journey -- t


Have you ever seen the Milky Way Galaxy, I mean, in high resolution, full color?


These are walk in campsites -- anywhere you want to walk in from 1/2 mile, onward as long as you don't camp in "Base Camp." 

There is also designated camping in a special spot called "Isolation Point" which is a 4 mile journey -- the first two miles you can do in AWD vehicle or ATV or mountain bike, and the rest on foot. 

This is the second darkest place in the Continental USA -- with the darkest region 200 miles East in the Grand Canyon.  Visitors here tell us the stars are better than Death Valley. We agree.

At night, the Milky Way will be your guide, as it has guided humans for a million years.  Located in the Aquarius Mountain Range, a pretty unknown range of 4000-6000 feet peaks, about 2 hours north of Phoenix and 200 miles West of the Grand Canyon.

Isolation Peak, at almost 5,000 feet elevation, has an interrupted view into eternity.  No city lights, air pollution, smog, or campfire haze. No passing cars, no freeway noise, no signs of human life except the satellites.

Extremely dark skies on a new moon -- ideal for viewing the Meteor showers in July and the Perseid Meteor Shower in August. The full moon is stunning, too.

The sky is big, and you remember that we are definitely not alone in this vast Universe -- this primal, Human experience, so rare in the modern world, is ideal for figuring out your life's purpose, or a private vision quest.  


After you return to your Base Camp, you can take an optional drive down the mountain to a hot springs.

This flat, 1 1/2 mile but strenuous walk, (because it is in sand) can even be done barefoot. 

The springs is just above body temperature, 100 degrees, and you will probably also have this to yourself. 

After a hot dip, you can continue further a few hundred yards to the cold springs and SWIMMING HOLE and cool off before you walk back to your car and once again, the roar of highway traffic and a reminder that you are not that far from civilization, after all.

We like this hike at night in full moonlight, when it's cooler. 


Isolation Point is a flat space atop a 4,995 foot high mesa, just large enough for your tent and a campfire. Big 300 degree view.  

You will see no other humans, and possibly not even airplanes, as it is not beneath a flight path. Total silence is an unforgettable and experience that can transform  you and it brings instantaneous states of presence and heightened awareness.

You will have no interference from other campers, car headlights, etc. 

As you sit still, a symphony of crickets, cicadas, insects. At night, a coyote or wolf howling in the distance. 


You are guaranteed not to see another human being out here. 

It is uninhabited land, not ranched in over 50 years.


The road to Aquarius is roughly 100 miles (1 1/2 hours) west of Prescott, Arizona, and 60 miles southeast of Kingman, Arizona, 53 miles North of Wickenburg, and 2 hours from Northern Phoenix. The Grand Canyon village, about 3 hours or 200 miles away. We are 3 miles as the crow flies from the Interstate but the drive is on dirt roads, and takes about 35 minutes.


You will be driving on decent, gravel/dirt roads  14 miles off the Interstate on to public land through which we have deeded road access and rights, then hiking 4 miles into private property -- about 2,000 acres, surrounded by 27,000 acres of one of the most remote wilderness regions in the world. 

It is only 2 miles of rugged off trail hiking uphill if you have an ATV or 4 x 4. We provide maps, advice and directions and are here to answer your questions. 

The campsite is just large enough for a tent on the tip of the mesa, with a drop off below.  It's flat, and rocky. You can build a fire. It might be a little windy up here, but it is sheltered behind you.


Total seclusion, total silence. It is so quiet you will hear your own heart beat. 

Meditative states are effortless in this silence. This experience is very hard to find in the modern world and is unbelievably restorative. You will feel greater awareness, sensitivity to the animal and plant ecosystem, and all of your senses will be more attuned.

We have spent years backpacking, mountaineering and climbing, all over the deserts of California, Mexico and the West, but truly find this land special because it is so untouched and pristine. 


June 18 - 21 - New Moon - Dark Sky

July 4 will be a Lunar Eclipse at sunset partially visible in Arizona. (Penumbral/Blood Moon)  11:07 p.m. EDT until 1:52 a.m. EDT.

July 14-20 - Jupiter and Saturn reach peak brightness

July 17 - Perseid Meteor Shower Begins

The Perseids are one of the brighter meteor showers of the year. They occur every year between July 17 and August 24 and tend to peak around August 9-13.

July 22 - New Moon - for darkest sky

July 28 into July 29 will feature a pair of multicolored meteor showers with the Alpha Capricornids and the southern Delta Aquarids both peaking on the same night -- as many as 20 meteors/hour like fireworks!

August 1 - 5 - Full Moon (go hiking in cool of night as moon illuminates the canyons and sand.)

August 9-13 - Perseids Meteor Shower Peak  

August 16 - 21 - New Moon - Dark Sky and Perseid Meteor Showers

September 1- 5 - Full Moon

November 29-30 - Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral)

The Full Moon is also amazing -- it illuminates the sand and white quartz stone canyons for cool night hiking. 


The nearest town is the ghost town of Nothing.  And there is nothing here on this ranch -- no structures, fences, trails or signs. (There are a few wells in one spot where a neighbor's cattle sometimes stray, so you might see a longhorn or two as well as wild burro and Mustang, wild turkey, roadrunner, rabbit and other wildlife.) It is primal wilderness.


Isolation Point is ideal for a personal spiritual journey or vision quest or for a solo traveler or couple seeking restorative peace and tranquility in pristine nature.

On this self-guided hiking adventure you will experience the rarity of complete and total personal isolation. 

You can also do the walk as a 8 mile round trip day hike, and sleep at the base camp. Book Base Camp for one night.


From this vista, you will observe endangered species and wildlife on a pristine 640 acre ranch, uninhabited and not grazed for 50 years -- including wild horses, wild burro, pronghorn antelope, quail, great horned owl, bald eagle, hawks, deer, bighorn sheep, 150 species of birds. 


Isolation Point is difficult to reach but as the crow flies is only 3 miles from Interstate Freeway 11/93, a lonely, uninhabited stretch called Joshua Tree Highway, that connects the two fastest growing cities in the USA, Phoenix and Las Vegas.   

We are 40 minutes South of funky historic Kingman on Route 66. This is an epic, American road trip from Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Be prepared for culture shock and isolation, as this area is not "discovered" or developed and caters more to ranchers than tourism.

Nearest town is Nothing, Arizona. (Literally.)  Services, gas, food are in Wikieup, 7 miles.  You can find potable water one mile down the highway.


Upon reserving your journey, we will provide exact GPS coordinates to the Base Camp, turnoff and Isolation Point, and guide you to downloadable topo maps. 

If you wish, we can also give you step by step instructions with photos to guide you. (We recommend an app called ONX rather than Google Maps). Detailed packing instructions.


You need a map and some bushwacking uphill through desert sage brush.  You can do this hike with a day pack, and stay in Base Camp, or you can bring a backpack and small tent or bivy sack, and sleep on top of Isolation Point.

While it is only a 4 mile journey from our "Base Camp," which is just a few hundred yards off a road, the hike requires map reading and GPS skills, good fitness, (though we did it at age 60!), long pants, hiking boots and tolerance for brush.

Potentially you only need to walk 2 miles if you can drive in on 4 x 4 on the rugged jeep trail.  You can also spend the night anywhere you wish in the area.

Campsite area
Bring your own tents
1 site
Up to 4 guests per site
Hike in
No ADA access
Campfires allowed
Pets allowed
No toilet
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Picnic table available
No showers
No wifi
Pack it out
Laundry absent
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  • Check out: Before 7PM
  • Cancellation policy: Moderate
  • On arrival: Go straight to camp
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 18 months out
  • Weeknight discount: 30% off


Offered on the Host's property or nearby.


Mountain bikes only! And you are free to ride on the AWD trails or off road in the washes.


The ranch is 3 square miles of pristine private land, surrounded by thousands of acres of BLM government land. It is pristine a...Read more

Horseback riding

You are free to ride your horse on the land. Contact Arizona Horse Company in Wickenburg for horse and pack animal rentals; ...Read more

Off-roading (OHV)

OHV quads can travel on jeep trails through 27,000 acres of surrounding wilderness.


This is a fantastic location for bouldering and short climbs. Bring your own climbing gear and climb at your own risk. Lots of ...Read more


Nearby Swimming Holes.

Whitewater paddling

You can do whitewater paddling on Upper Burro Creek but you need a jeep or 4 x 4 to access this rugged wilderness.

Wildlife watching

This is a paradise for wildlife watching including wild horses, wild burros, antelope, black bear, buffalo, desert bighorn shee...Read more


Natural features you'll find at Dark sky walk in backpack site. in Arizona.


Many small caves around the property.


This is high desert, which means there are deciduous trees and other plants you don't usually see in a low desert, and it is co...Read more


We have a small forest of Gingko trees and Aspens, Sycamores and other deciduous trees along the creek.

Hot spring

Nearby hot springs drive/hike - we give you directions.


Alamo Lake State Park 30 miles.

Mesa or canyon

Negro Butte rises up above, and there are many steep red rock canyons that echo the terrain of Sedona.


Breathtaking views of the purple hued Aquarius Mountains and the many pink granite and red rock boulders and cliffs.

River, stream, or creek

Nearby river, springs and creek with swimming holes.

Swimming hole

Nearby swimming on the creek in 150 foot swimming hole, not crowded.


There are waterfalls on the nearby creek and spring.


You may see an occasional cow as you are hiking, they are wandering in from a neighbor's ranch.

The vibe at Dark sky walk in backpack site.

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