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The fight to protect nature has never been more important than it is today.

Nature is our breathing space. It is the place where we recharge, restore and heal. It is the antidote to technology and the urban stresses of modern life.

Nature is empowering. It is a place where we learn competence, strength, and endurance. Nature is the antithesis to oppression because it gives people strength.[1]

Nature is our story. Our history is complex, full of shadow and light,[2] and it is encoded in the landscapes that surround us. The land holds our story in a way that history books cannot, and these lessons are the key to a sustainable and just future.

If we lose nature, we lose this all.

The most urgent threat to nature today is something known as the Public Land Heist,[3] the avaricious attempts to sell huge tracts of our public land. This effort is backed by a few special interests and their political allies who want to develop these lands for their own profit. The Public Land Heist is gaining dangerous momentum.

The latest move in the Public Land Heist is a proposed bill called the Disposal of Excess Federal Lands Act.[4] Introduced by Rep. Chaffetz (R-UT), this bill would have sold over three million acres of public land. Due to overwhelming public pressure, Rep. Chaffetz has withdrawn this bill.

Much of this public pressure was catalyzed by the leadership of the Outdoor Alliance, a coalition working to protect public lands. They have been vigilant on these threats to our public lands, and while we have won this round, there are many more to come.

Use your voice to help defeat the Public Land Heist. We recommend joining Outdoor Alliance’s petition to #ProtectPublicLands, because as Ed Abbey so eloquently put it, “sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.”

Sign the Petition Now

By signing this petition, you will receive alerts from the Outdoor Alliance at critical moments when making even a small action like a call or email to Congress could make a big difference.

As Rep. Chaffetz said in the Instagram post[5] where he announced he would withdraw his bill, “I hear you.”

Let them hear us all. With love, hope, and gratitude.


Alyssa and the Hipcamp team